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Size: 171cm
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Size: 176cm
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In 1995, skiing wasn't a hot sport. In fact, it was being edged out by its more aggressive, rowdier cousin, snowboarding. Teens were snatching up boards left and right and shredding slopes and catching air on the powder. But for young Jason Levinthal, he loved skiing. Skiing hadn't changed in years, and was falling behind the times and the trends. Outdated and antiquated, it needed something to spark it back to life, to modernize the sport and bring it back into spotlight. Jason knew what he needed to do.

At 21 years old, he built his first prototype, which was put through the rigors of the slopes. This wasn't an old-fashioned, flat ski anymore. This was new and exciting with flex and deep sidecuts. Soon, Jason started making skis out of his parents' garage, and the rest is as they say… history. One prototype gave rise to a product that would change the way people ski. Line Skis aren't old-fashioned straight skis - they're best described as ski-boards, a fusion between skis and snowboards. We know them as twin tip skis. Jason keeps the idea of having fun on the slopes close to his heart, constantly looking for how he can make the next ski trip a little more fun.

Line continues to stand by their innovations and changes upon the industry. The idea of symmetrical, twin tip skis was a stroke of genius, where the skier was no longer confined to just skiing in one direction. With both ends rounded, skiers could enjoy new dimensions of the sport never seen before, like spinning around or skiing backwards. But this was just a small step, as Line proved to be game changers over and over. With their 130s, a fat 130mm wide ski, they rocked the world of powder and it wasn't the same since. 130s float on top of powder like a leaf on water. With the introduction of the Invader, Line added new tricks and changed up the sport once again with new techniques and skills for skiers to learn and master. Line Skis have proven again and again that they are one of the leading innovators of skiing.

From humble beginnings in a garage, where Jason was making just one pair of skis every 8 hours, into the company it is today with over 20 pairs of the most cutting edge skis on the market, as well as plenty of gear and other products, including ski jackets, ski poles, t-shirts, hoodies, and more. Line Skis is continuing the dream of making skiing even more fun tomorrow.