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Size: 160cm
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Size: 172cm, 179cm, 186cm
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Size: 179cm
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Size: 166cm, 172cm, 178cm
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Size: 170cm
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While Lib Tech may conjure up images of upper-class burnouts learning about the technological implications of Marxism from a progressive professor, those in the know understand that this upscale sporting equipment manufacturer delivers high-end winter gear on the regular. Lib Tech Skis are the perfect way to make an impact, whether you like sport skiing, freestyling, or barreling downhill at cartoon speeds. With skis for men, women and kids, from beginner to advanced, Lib Tech has something for every skier out there.

Many happy customers speak highly about the strength and integrity of Lib Tech Skis. With construction styles like the sandwich and strong wooden cores, these skis flex and bend to offer a smooth, controlled ride without warping or breaking. They also make great Park & Pipe gear, so if you're a skier who loves trying to do the helicopter with your pants actually on, Lib Tech gives you much better odds of keeping an intact cranium.

Running down the list of materials used in these skis, it's like Geppotto's fantasy roster of construction resources. Tri Axial fiber, sustainable Aspen cores, Bio Beans topsheets—they're not only cutting-edge and strong, but Lib Tech satisfies the tree-hugger in everyone. is your shop for Lib Tech gear. We carry a wide range of Lib Tech products including Lib Tech Snowboards and Snowboard jackets.