The House Boardshop understands that taking sides is tough. That's why we have the biggest selection of Hybrid Skis out there so you can have the best of both worlds. With all the different ratios of rocker and camber, you're bound to find the perfect Hybrid Ski. Let our expert staff give you a hand if you're having trouble choosing. You'll come to find our styles and prices are hard to beat. It might not be so easy to be Switzerland after all!
Rocker, camber, floatation, and edge: choose from our great selection of Hybrid Skis. We have an incredible selection for every type of skier.

Hybrid Skis have camber construction that rises in the waist of ski that adds spring to your ride. Hybrid Skis also have rocker, a touch of lift on tips and tails of each ski. Originally designed for powder, these Hybrid Skis offer superior floatation and maneuverability while reducing the chance of catching an edge. The right balance of camber and rocker makes tricks easier and can bump up your style and comfort on the hills. And do it with style and confidence; our selection of Hybrid Skis has something for everyone.

Each and every one of our products come from top companies with years, even decades worth of proven technology based on their experience on the slopes. Shop our brands for the perfect set of Hybrid Skis for you. We carry only the top brands in Alpine sports.

Our ski shop carries a full variety of skis from all-mountain and twin tip to alpine touring and park.