Think you're good looking? Hey! We do too. And we believe that getting your next pair of Carving Skis from The House Boardshop can keep it that way! We have the largest inventory of Carving Skis from brands such as Volkl and K2; you'll be ripping through those gates like it's no big deal. Let our experienced and knowledgeable staff of over 30 years help find the right skis for you!
Size: 178cm
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Size: 179cm
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Size: 179cm, 186cm
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Size: 172cm, 179cm, 186cm
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Size: 179cm, 186cm
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If you spend the bulk of your time taking skiing on groomed slopes, including hard pack and even icy trails, carving skis may be a perfect fit for you. Carving skis are designed specifically for these types of conditions. Moreover, they are crafted to meet the needs of skiers with different levels of experience, from novices to advanced slope blazers. These skis stand out from many other types of equipment because they are designed to be wider at both the tip and tail and slimmer throughout the middle. If you are a beginner considering carving skis, focus on length. The tip of a carving ski should not extend beyond your skin. As you garner more experience, longer skis give you the opportunity to show off your skills on the slopes, safely and effectively. With that noted, many World Cup skiers are keeping the length of their own skis at about chin level, despite their tremendous abilities and extensive experience.

Our ski shop carries a full variety of skis from all-mountain and twin tip to powder and park.