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You’re thinking about your skis and have decided that the ones you have are old news. Perhaps you're fairly new to the ski world and want to purchase the perfect ski for your level and style of skiing. Or, perhaps you've been at this awhile and are thinking about treating yourself to new skis for countless future afternoons on the slope. Camber skis . . . should you? Read on!

If you prefer to stay out of deep snow, camber skis may be what you’re after. A skier who enjoys racing will probably prefer camber skis for acceleration. As opposed to its sister, the rocker skis, the camber skis are ideal for edge, riding on ice, and skiing at the park. Offering a better rebound when hitting a rough surface, camber skis curve slightly upwards with the meeting points between ski and snow say hello at the ends. With a more traditional style of camber, even pressure and weight distribution allow a stable experience on the slope.

One thing to consider when choosing your style of camber is how long the positive camber is. The longer it is, the better it is for a rough surface. For powder surfaces, a flat camber may be more ideal. The ski is flat with no upward curve that allows a better turn due to less pressure on the edges. They aren't as effective on hard surfaces the way a positive camber is, but they still have good grip.

Camber skis are great for the beginner, the expert, or the racer trying to get some edge. Pun intended. Camber skis are available for men and women in a variety of sizes, levels, and designs. No matter your style, there’s a camber ski right for you.

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