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Manufacturing some of the best alpine skis in the business isn't a ride down the bunny slope, and Atomic Skis understands this and takes building each ski to heart. After all, Atomic Skis has been building skis since 1955. That’s over 50 years now. Today, Atomic has added all sorts of other skiing equipment such as bindings, boots, goggles, and poles.

The founder, Alois Rohrmoser, started the company with just four employees. Together they started producing wooden skis. Back in those days, skis were built by hand, and each one had to be meticulously and manually sanded down and polished to a shine. The love and care put into each ski in 1955 remains at the heart and soul of every ski Atomic produces today.

The Atomic factory is located right in the heart of the mountain range known as the Alps. What better location could there possibly be for a manufacturer of ski and snowboard equipment? Each pair of new skis is taken for a spin on one of the most famous and well-known mountain ranges in the world. The durability, performance and quality of each pair of Atomic Skis are checked not just by the factory but also by the mountains themselves.

Maybe you've heard of Carlo Janka, the famous alpine skiing champion who also holds a speed record for downhill skiing? Or perhaps you know about Marlies Schild, the Austrian alpine racer who has her own history of wins and medals? Both of these champions use Atomic Skis, but the long pedigree of these skis doesn’t just stop with winners. Each pair of Atomic Skis is made with champions in mind, to make every skier a better skier the next day. Atomic designs skis for champions who race the slopes, but they've also kept the average weekender in mind and added features to their regular consumer line as well. Each pair of Atomic Skis, no matter if they're for a professional or a beginner, has special measurements and angles to help it glide faster over powder, add stability, and additional features that found only on racer skis.

Atomic stands by each pair of their skis, and they remain dedicated to providing the best experience possible on the slopes. Skis built in the midst of the serene and totally shred-worthy Alps are born on the slopes, for the slopes.