Advanced - Expert Skis

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You think you're fancy, huh? Well, we have the full confidence that you are. That's why here at The House Boardshop we have the best selection of Expert Skis at our expert prices. Get the high-end gear at anything but high prices. We've been in the game since 1982, so we like to think we're experts too. Talk to our friendly staff about which type of advanced skis are right for you!

When you're hot stuff on the slopes, your skis should match how sick your skills downhill are. Advanced or expert level skis aren't just another pair of newbie skis, these skis are pairs of demons that will blaze down any hill faster, turn sharper, and pack more power into every movement. The toughest of slopes and the harshest of mountains demand a skier who has the skills and the equipment, and a good pair of advanced or expert skis gives the extra edge to conquering these beastly hillsides.

Advanced skis carry top-of-the-line features and innovations, and offer a lot of performance, but also offer less forgiveness, which is why they're made for the seasoned veterans of the slopes. Honed for the best in performance, these skis still come in various shapes and types, such as the popular all-mountain and powder skis. Expert skis are stiffer, which means the skier can hold an edge in harsher conditions and at higher speeds than softer skis. This also makes it harder to release the tail, and these skis are usually capable of turning harder than intermediate and beginner skis. When you're speeding downhill with the wind screaming in your ears, you'll want the increased stability from advanced skis.

If you got what it takes, then get a hold of expert or advanced level skis and get out onto the black diamonds. Strut your stuff! These planks may not be the easiest to control at low speeds, but their stability at high speeds makes them a must-have.