Salomon Ski Packages

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Size: 165cm, 170cm
$510.95 510.95 $975.00 (48% Off)
Size: 163cm, 170cm
$448.95 448.95 $725.00 (38% Off)

Size: 156cm, 163cm, 170cm, 177cm
$493.95 493.95 $800.00 (38% Off)
Size: 160cm, 167cm, 175cm
$499.99 499.99 $600.00 (17% Off)

Size: 170cm, 177cm
$740.95 740.95 $1200.00 (38% Off)
Size: 165cm, 175cm, 180cm
$648.95 648.95 $1050.00 (38% Off)

Size: 163cm, 170cm, 177cm
$599.99 599.99 $725.00 (17% Off)
Size: 170cm, 177cm, 184cm
$899.99 899.99 $1100.00 (18% Off)

Size: 170cm, 177cm, 184cm
$799.99 799.99 $975.00 (18% Off)
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Salomon skis are just about the best there is. Quality, durability, and cutting-edge technology combine to create what Salomon skis are known for: the best, every time, with great customer service to back it up. From the beginning, Salomon has innovated to bring you the most performance-oriented skis made from some of the world's lightest materials. This means when you choose a Salomon ski package, you're getting an all-around great setup that will give you seasons of unbeatable service.

Salomon ski packages are based around an awesome selection of skis that are feature-packed and ready to rock on the mountain. Take their honeycomb and ABS-reinforced frame, for instance. Not found elsewhere, these features increase maneuverability and reduce the weight at the ends of the skis. English, you ask? More enjoyable carving and less mass to sling around. It's also important to dampen vibration on your skis; it reduces fatigue and increases your pleasure on the slopes. That's why Salomon uses solid wood cores that stay light while improving ski-to-snow contact and rebound. Plus, Salomon's total edge reinforcement increases durability and grip by increasing the rigidity of the edge—arguably the most important part of the ski!

To match your high-performance skis you need great bindings. They say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so Salomon ensures that the bindings found in their ski packages properly transfer the enjoyment from ski to boot to skier. A vertical progressive pivot is used in many Salomon bindings to allow for easy release in case of a fall, which helps you stay safe and comfortable regardless of skill level. High lateral transmission, found only in Salomon ski bindings, gives you more precision and more control -- what more could you ask for in a ski binding?

Certainly as important as ski's functionality is their style and long-lasting construction. Salomon ski packages give you all this and more, thanks to their legacy of durability and modern styling. Bright colors and classy designs mean you'll be proud when you look down at your skis while riding the lift. Salomon ski packages are here to take you to the top, and back to the bottom, at high-flying speeds!

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