Rossignol Ski Packages

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Size: 159cm, 180cm, 187cm
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Size: 164cm
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Rossignol ski packages incorporate amazing skis and bindings to have everything you need for your next winter adventures. Rossignol has been in the market for more than 100 years, making them a solid choice in dependable quality and innovation throughout the years. These ski packages have matching components that provide a remarkable skiing experience for people of all ages. Rossignol ski packages may possess security features such as the traditional camber for improved stability on the slopes. Practice your favorite tricks and tame the mountain with confidence thanks to the durable wood and fiberglass construction.

Rossignol Ski Packages also contain jib tip for better switching and steep transitions in parks and pipes. In addition, they feature extended sidecut for increased speed in angles and enhanced edge grip. The Rossitop cap construction brings more maneuverability. Some of these packages also offer a partial twin tip tail for extra boost in performance. For example, the Rossignol Pursuit HP Skis + Axial2 140 Ti Bindings form an excellent package that combine precision and power features for the advanced skier. Its power turn rocker allows for better quick turn initiation. The titanium core makes these specific skis in the ski package lightweight and resistant to heavy use.

Rossignol Ski Packages have unique features that separate them from the competition thanks to the inspired and specialized designs for every mountain terrain available. Some of these attributes include the IPS diamond concave profile that reduces binding weight for better speed and pressure on the edge. The VAS complex of titanium stringers with basalt fibers also make them lighter without sacrificing quality. In other words, Rossignol ski packages combine premium quality items to tune up the rockstar skier in anyone.

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