Fischer Ski Packages

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Since humbly beginnings in Ried im Innkreis, a city in Austria north of Salzburg, Fischer has grown to be one of the world’s finest producers of alpine and Nordic skis, far exceeding the early dreams of the company’s founder Josef Fischer, Sr. While the former wagon-maker might have envisioned greatness for his company, he couldn’t have imagined the innovations he introduced to ski styles and manufacturing processes would take the company to the level it has reached today, nor could he have guessed it would be charging farther ahead on a continual basis by producing the tools skiers need to advance in skill and performance.

Today, Fischer ski packages are among the most desirable in the world, and with good reason. Fischer’s package of skis, boots, binding and poles offer alpine, Nordic, speed skiers and ski jumpers everything they need to excel, whether they’re just entering the fun and fast world of skiing, or skiing in the most competitive competitions available anywhere in the world. From Josef’s earliest handmade wooden skis to today’s lightning-fast wooden and metal models, skiers of all types and styles have come to rely on Fischer’s offerings, treasuring them.

Fischer ski packages have come to be known for speed, quality, and durability few other manufacturers offer. From the speediness of their fastest downhill skis to the intense control they offer, Fischer’s skis are the perfect ride for any skier seeking the best. But that’s far from all Fischer ski packages offer. The incredible bindings offered by Fischer provide the technology skiers need for ultimate control, stance and stability.

From those early days in Austria to today, Fischer ski packages have been the choice of skiers in-the-know who require high performance that can handle the challenges they’re tested with. Come out on top, or reach the bottom of the hill before anyone else, with a Fischer ski package.

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