Ski boots from The House Outdoor Gear are comfortable and high performing, the House has you covered. Featuring top ski brands like Atomic, Dalbello, Fischer, Full Tilt, Head, K2, Lange, Nordica, Rossignol, Salomon, and Technica you’ll be able to find the perfect boot that will fit wide feet or narrow feet with features that will enhance your experience on the ski hill. Arguably the most important part of any ski set up, a comfortable and well fitting comfortable ski boot can make you a better skier. Many technologies also improve the experience in ski boots such as heat-moldable liners, vacuum moldable shells, hike and walk modes, walk to ride rockered soles, carbon backbones, 3-piece Cabrio designs, and high volume shells only serve to enhance the on-hill experience. Ditch your old blown out ski boots from the nineties and grab a pair of boots from the House.

Nothing beats the feeling of finding the perfect pair of comfortable, high-performing ski boots! Confidently conquer the slopes and experience all the fun things the snow can offer by choosing one of our Top 5 Most Comfortable Ski Boots.

Size: 10.5 (28.5), 11.5 (29.5)
$435.10 435.10 $700.00 (38% Off)
Size: 8/8.5 (26.26.5), 9/9.5 (27/27.5), 10/10.5 (28/28.5), 11/11.5 (29/29.5), 12/12.5 (30/30.5), 13/13.5 (31/31.5)
$599.99 599.99 $725.00 (17% Off)

Size: 10.5 (28.5)
$499.95 499.95 $750.00 (33% Off)
Size: 9/9.5 (27/27.5), 10/10.5 (28/28.5), 11/11.5 (29/29.5), 12/12.5 (30/30.5)
$279.95 279.95 $425.00 (34% Off)

Size: 8/8.5 (26.26.5), 9/9.5 (27.27.5), 10/10.5 (28/28.5), 11/11.5 (29/29.5)
$699.99 699.99 $850.00 (18% Off)
Size: 8/8.5 (26.26.5), 9/9.5 (27.27.5), 10/10.5 (28/28.5), 11/11.5 (29/29.5), 12/12.5 (30/30.5)
$699.99 699.99 $850.00 (18% Off)

Size: 8/8.5 (26.26.5), 9/9.5 (27.27.5), 10/10.5 (28/28.5), 11/11.5 (29/29.5), 12/12.5 (30/30.5)
$799.99 799.99 $975.00 (18% Off)
Size: 9.5 (27.5), 10.5 (28.5), 11.5 (29.5), 12.5 (30.5)
$399.95 399.95 $500.00 (20% Off)
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Whether alpine or cross-country skiing, not many things are more vital to peak performance and maximum fun than the proper pair of ski boots. ""Vital"" is the right word. Ski boots work hand in hand—or foot in foot—with the skis, and the bindings that keep the boots attached to the skis. Combined, they transfer control motions from the legs to handle the snow you're riding on top of, make the movements and shifts in direction you desire, and of course, make it possible to do some really sweet tricks now and then.

Back in the dark ages—or early years of skiing, anyhow—the basic boot was refined and became two types, one for downhill skiing and one for cross country. Each was made especially for the two types of skiing with numerous differences between the two. Downhill skiing has especially changed and the boot has come to rise up towards the ankle and calf to provide better response to the sideways motions of a skier’s legs with better transmission of movement through the bindings to the skis. Though they might have begun humbly, ski boots have become a key part of high performance and big fun on the snow.

Today, the best names in skiing like Salomon, Atomic, Fischer, Nordica, Rossignol, and many more are directly associated with their dedication to making the best ski boots possible. Their craftsmanship makes it easy for you to take on the mountain's challenges and refine your skills. Quality ski boots allow you to be your best and are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, widths, and fits to meet any needs you have. Shop the best selection at The House Boardshop.

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