Nordica Ski Boots

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Size: 11.5 (29.5)
$329.95 $745.00 (56% Off)
Size: 11.5 (29.5), 12.5 (30.5), 13 (31)
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Size: 11 (29)
$353.95 $699.00 (49% Off)
Size: 8 (26), 8.5 (26.5), 9 (27), 9.5 (27.5), 10 (28), 10.5 (28.5), 11 (29), 11.5 (29.5), 12 (30), 12.5 (30.5), 13 (31), 13.5 (31.5), 14 (32), 14.5 (32.5)
$299.99 $300.00 (0% Off)
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Boots are to skiing what balls are to pool, so don't think that you can just duct tape your Air Jordan's into a pair of skis and shred snow like you meant to do it. For proper traction, proper adherence to the skis, and to save your toes from amputation, a pair of Nordica Ski Boots is the way to go. Unless, of course, you like nicknames like “Frostbite Freddy” and “8 Outta 10 Ain't Bad.”?

Quality is the name of the game when you choose a pair of Nordica ski boots. Constructed of only high-quality materials, Nordica has a long history of providing top-notch boots for skiers who are very active in the harshest of conditions. Not only do the boots provide a snug fit into the skis, but they're also very well insulated and will keep that pesky powder from accumulating around your socks. That type of feature is very rare in any type of boot.

Whether youth, men's or women's, Nordica carries a wide range of sizes. There are also a wide range of materials used. Nordica's composite boots use high-strength polyurethane to hold up to the weather while still providing plenty of flexibility. You can also find a variety of buckle designs and buckle material, including aluminum for a flashier, back-to-the-future style.

Strong, durable, flexible, warm and able to provide plenty of grip when you need it the most, Nordica ski boots are a cut above the rest.