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While you're watching the Winter Olympics, you're bound to get a little jealous when you see the skiers and snowboarders out there doing things that you're nervous to even daydream about. But you can find ways to imitate the pros without risking life and limb. Grabbing a pair of Lange Ski Boots, for example, puts you on equal footing with the best in the business, so to speak.

So maybe it's not like Jason with the Golden Fleece, but Lange Ski Boots are a great starting point if you're a skier who wants to rip things up. These top-shelf boots are all about high performance. One of Lange's signatures is that they create boots using the same material from heel to toe, making for an incredibly efficient power transfer. It also enables the inside of the boot to have a seamless, uniform lining that keeps your foot warm and protected while still able to breathe and flex properly.

Lange creates a pro-style boot for all-day wear. They provide great balance, offer a precise fit, and they're surprisingly lightweight considering the bulk of the actual boots. Another great aspect of Lange is that the company creates boots for all sizes and ages. Whether for kids, young adults, or some circus freak with feet the size of boat paddles, Lange caters to all audiences with their ski boots.

You can choose from SX, RX, XT, and a slew of other options from Lange. As long as they say Lange on the side, you know you're getting a quality product.