Full Tilt Ski Boots

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Full Tilt ski boots aren’t what “The Poker Brat” Phil Hellmuth wears while losing badly on the slopes. So don’t worry about anyone calling you a donkey before bombarding you in a barrage of naughty PG-13 expressions. Full Tilt is a brand name, developing top-of-the-line equipment like ski boots and other sporting supplies. Why the company decided on a poker term, we’ll never know. Perhaps they’re sadists and like conjuring up images of millions of angry, loud and mouth-foaming gamblers pushing their chips in with bad cards. Or maybe, just maybe, the name refers to the range of motion and the positioning of a skier. FYI: The first explanation is better.

No matter how they came about the name, Full Tilt ski boots are some of the best out there. Man or woman, rookie or pro, freestyler or steady cruiser, there’s a boot for you that’s going to fit great, keep your feet protected against the elements, and fit securely into the bindings while still giving you a full range of motion and plenty of balance. It’s kind of Full Tilt’s forte – they deliver high-end ski boots with strong buckles, Heat Moldable liners, a great flex index rating, and plenty of other features that you can brag about to your friends wearing lesser boots. Another great feature of Full Tilt’s quality ski boots is that you can also find boots that have the coveted walk mode. Yes, boots you can actually walk in without having to be trapped in the skis. So if that sounds like something you may be interested in, make sure you check out the specs on your Full Tilt ski boots.