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Apart from making you look like a fierce robot-human hybrid auditioning for the sequel to Pacific Rim, ski boots come in handy due to their ability to keep you attached to the bindings and to your skis. Hey, it sure beats shoestring and those little wire bread ties. How did the ancients do it? Never mind that; the fact of the matter is that, today, you have some great ski boots to choose from, most notably Atomic ski boots.

These bad boys do more than look the part; they act it, too, and a far sight better than Charlie Hunnam (spoiler alert). Atomic ski boots score big right out of the gate thanks to their sheer strength. A disaster or run-in with alien technology notwithstanding, this should be the last pair of ski boots you ever have to buy. That’s because Atomic uses state-of-the-art material in the construction of their sporting equipment. Whether metal or composite, the buckles are going to stay fastened and keep their strength no matter how many times you use them.

Atomic is also known for the Heat Moldable liners of their ski boots, which are not only durable and lasting but also keep your foot warm and comfortable. Understand, though, that Atomic ski boots are actually made for skiing. These aren’t boots that you’re going to frolic around in all day, deciding whether or not you have the stones to attempt some sick stunts or some daunting downhill riding. These boots are made for skiers who actually ski, not posers who want walking boots. So if you think you’re already the bomb, maybe it’s time to go Atomic.

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