Single Speed & Fixie Bikes

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With all the latest in technology and cutting edge performance, single speed bikes offer simplistic riding at its best. These cool fixies push the envelope! You don't want to forget where cycling started. Single speed bikes have been a riding staple for years. For the biker who just wants to get where they're going without a lot of muss and fuss, single speed is the way to go. Great for urban riding and commuting, bikes with single speed can get you from point A to point B in comfort and convenience.


With one of the most popular phrases of this generation being "Go Green," now is the best time to get your hands on a single speed bike! There are many great brands to choose from including Framed, Fuji and Tour de France just to name a few. No matter which bike you get, you can rest assured that it will be high quality and well worth the money! There is a bike for anyone and everyone. All of them have great tires that will allow for a smooth ride on any road surface as well as the ability to choose from a large range of speeds. Whether you like to speed down hills with little traction or take it easy and coast down the city streets, these bikes can do it! There's also a range of options you can choose from including various pedal adjustments, handlebar adjustments and even pedal straps to keep your feet in place. No matter where you want to go or what extras you want, we have a fixie bike for you!