For performance and style, few shoes can quite match Etnies Skate Shoes today. There are various styles available that can suit anyone's preferences. Such shoes might be designed for skating, but a given pair will work well with all activities and styles. The company has been around for decades and is known for bringing fresh kicks to the snowboarding and skating community. Don't forget to grab a free DVD or socks with your shoe purchase.
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Skate shoes are essential, whether you're skating the streets or tackling tricks in the park! The legend that is Etnies, delivers time and time again, with quality performance, durability, grip, and of course style.

Etnies skate line of shoes offers a variety of style options, they are far from the same old boring pair you already have several of, barely worn in your closet. Go with the brand you trust and enjoy quality suede and synthetic materials, Michelin rubber, pro foam, added padding, and a truly engineered, thoughtful skate shoe.

Year after year, Etnies delivers some of the best, discover for yourself why pro skaters like Ryan Sheckler, Nick Garcia, Chris Joslin, and other legends, choose to rep these shoes. What're you waiting for? The skate park is ready and waiting for you to throw down, so grab your buddies and head out stylin.