Adidas Skate Shoes

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These Adidas skate shoes are so rad all your friends will want one. These durable shoes have vulcanized rubber soles that will give you an awesome board feel. With upper material made with synthetic leather and rubber toe bumpers, these Adidas skate shoes are great for casual and street use as well as for dominating at the skate park. Their stylish look goes well with any laid back look.

Adidas skate shoes are unparalleled in the industry for comfort, durability, effortless style and optimal functionality. These premium skate shoes are expertly designed with your specific lifestyle in mind. Built for fun and to make a bold fashion statement, Our plethora of Adidas skate shoes come in all colors, styles and sizes! Adidas' eight decades of premium delivery of the best skate shoes money can buy, make these the natural choice for the beginning to experienced skateboarder alike. Align yourself with Adidas' vision of bold color and style combinations to be leader of the pack in your circle of friends. Adidas is trusted for its unique philosophy of sportsmanship, superior quality and expert craftsmanship the world over.