Ronix Vault Wakeboard Package

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Ronix Divide Wake Bindings

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Ronix Vault Wakeboard

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Ronix Divide Wake Bindings

Finish off your wakeboard setup with the performance 2019 Ronix Divide Wake Bindings for men. The Divide wake bindings are built on Ronix's new MainFrame which is an engineered fit that is combined with an ultra-light, ultra-cush Stage 1 foam. This new construction provides the rider with a comfortable wake boot that is the lightest Ronix has ever made. Built in J bars provide you with a sturdy heel hold when sending it over the wake. A medium to soft flex with a 4 on the flex scale is for those who love flexibility in their wakeboard boots. The Divide wake binding features a dual speed lacing system over the top of the foot and around the lower calf. This dual lacing system allows you to get the fit that is best for your personal style. The open toe Divide is Ronix's best selling open toe boot. Equip your board with the sleek and comfortable 2019 Ronix Divide Wake Bindings for men and enjoy all the summer has to offer on the water.
Key Features of Ronix Divide Wake Bindings
  • MainFrame Technology
  • AutoLock Technology
  • Stage 1 Liner
  • Built In J Bars

Ronix Vault Wakeboard

The 2019 Ronix vault is a thrill to ride and here to unlock your full wakeboarding potential. Riders of all different ability levels will have a blast on the Vault and find new ways to improve their skills. Ronix designed this board with the ultimate goal to master the basics and get you up into the air. They accomplish this with the Vault's 3-stage rocker profile. This profile creates a more aggressive pop off the wake, which helps to send you higher up and have more time to stomp out some flashy tricks. The Ronix Vault comes with Grip and Release channels that provide the perfect amount of traction and speed up until the point of blasting off at the lip of the wake. The rails feature an asymmetrical design, meant to improve heelside and toeside carving capabilities. This wakeboard has four molded on side fins that provide the ideal amount of stability and control. They also have two removable center fins that provide even more control if needed. Unleash your full wakeboarding abilities with the Ronix Vault.
Key Features of Ronix Vault Wakeboard
  • 3 Stage Rocker
  • Thinner Sharper Toeside Rail
  • Fuller Vertical Heelside Rail
  • 2 Fiberglass 1.7" Hook Fins