Use Rashguards for Extra Protection

Sometimes you just need a lil' extra protection and added warmth. It's ok, we here at The House understand this and stock just what you need! A rashgguard, also known as “rashies” or “rash vests,” is used by wakeboarders and other water sports enthusiasts for protection. Shop our selection of rashguards from brands like Hurley, Dakine, Neosport, Liquid Force and more!

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If you are a fan of a variety of different water sports, you understand the importance of finding high quality rash guards. Rash guards are used both to protect you from abrasions and from the environment, particularly cold water and air temperatures.

For the water sports novice, rash guards are designed as shirts or vests and are made of durable fabric. Typically, quality rash guards are crafted from nylon, Spandex, polyester or a combination of these materials. If you participate in water sports that include scuba diving, wakeboarding, surfing or extended swimming, you definitely want to consider investing in a top of the line rash guard. Rash guards are particularly useful when the weather and water is warmer, making a wetsuit uncomfortable and not impractical.

A contemporary derivation on the rash guard is the swim shirt. The swim shirt version has all of the protective features of a rash guard but is looser fitting. Rash guards are available in a variety of attractive styles for men and women. In this day and age, you simply do not need to sacrifice looks and style for protection when it comes to rash guards. There are also lower body rash guards, which are most often used under surfers' shorts.

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