Pub Carbon Bike Wheels

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Equip your ride to roll smoother than ever with our selection of carbon bike wheels from Pub. These bike wheels are made with a strong carbon frame that absorbs additional impact without sacrificing durability. These wheels are available in a variety of sizes and widths from fat tire to standard road tires so you can find the perfect wheel for your biking needs. Whether you’re racing over a rough trail or a smooth road, the Pub carbon bike wheels are there to ensure your ride is comfortable and smooth.

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Size: 150mm
$399.95 399.95 $500.00 (20% Off)
Size: 197mm
$499.95 499.95 $700.00 (29% Off)

Size: 177TA/150TA CL HG
1099.95 $1099.95
Size: 197TA/150TA 6B HG
$730.95 730.95 $1299.95 (44% Off)