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There isn’t too many skate companies that have history like Santa Cruz.  That’s why it’s strange to see new companies producing decks with vintage shapes – Santa Cruz on the other hand can reissue what they’ve previously done in past decades with no worries of shifting credibility.

Keith Meek’s Slasher

There has been three Santa Cruz Slasher graphics by Jim Phillips for Keith Meeks.  The first one was release in ’85 and look like it should belong on the side of a sketchy van.  The reissue graphic is from the 86′ Slasher – the best one.

Dimensions: 10.1in x 31.13in
Wheelbase: 15.4 in”
Nose Length: 5.226 in”
Tail Length: 6.3001 in”
Concave: Reissue
Construction: 7-ply

Rob Roskopp’s Roskopp Face

It must be nice for Rob Roskopp to collect royalties from reissued decks he rode 2 decades ago.  The Roskopp Face was actually Rob’s 6th series graphic out of 8 done by Jim Phillips.  If you haven’t seen the Roskopp Face surfboard, it’s worth a minute searching for.

Dimensions: 9.5in x 31in
Wheelbase: 15.355 in”
Nose Length: 4.565 in”
Tail Length: 6.917 in”
Concave: Reissue
Construction: 7-ply

Rob Roskopp’s Roskopp Face 2

There isn’t much history floating around about the Roskopp Face 2 besides it’s release around 88′.  Just by looking at it, you’ll know Acid was a major player in the design for Rob Roskopp’s deck by Jim Phillips.

Dimensions: 9.9in x 30.8in
Wheelbase: 15 in”
Nose Length: 4.9 in”
Tail Length: 6.7 in”
Concave: Reissue
Construction: 7-ply


 Christian Hosoi’s Picasso

The Picasso is the best Christian Hosoi graphic by Santa Cruz, period.  Sure the Portrait is wild, the Monk has eastern roots, and the Stained Glass is questionable – nothing beats the Picasso by Jim Phillips.  In recent news, beside the reissue of this deck, Hosoi is out of jail from his Meth trafficking incident in Hawaii and has changed his life for a higher purpose.  No pun intended.

Dimensions: 9.8in x 30.5in
Wheelbase: 15.5 in”
Nose Length: 3.75 in”
Tail Length: 7 in”
Concave: Reissue
Construction: 7-ply

Jason Jessee’s Guadalupe

Rated 24th on Transworld Skateboarding’s 30 Most Influcential Skateboarders of All Time is none other than Jason Jessee.  Most kids under the age of 20 will only know of Jason Jessee for one thing, the AK-47 board; it’s good to see Santa Cruz is reissuing a real deck.  It’s beyond us why they didn’t choose the Sun graphic instead of the Guadalupe (both by Jim Phillips).

Dimensions: 9.9in x 31.8in
Wheelbase: 15 in”
Nose Length: 6.869 in”
Tail Length: 6.233 in”
Concave: Reissue
Construction: 7-ply


About the Author:

What does it feel like to love life? From what Guf says, it's amazing. Guf got involved with The House in 2000 as an endorsed athlete and while going through college he slung boards in the shop. Though his profession is in content market strategies a driving passion of his is on the snow. Over the last 18 years he's been able to travel the world and work with talented athletes while coaching the National Sport Center's Community Olympic Development Program, USASA All American Team, USSA Project Gold and Jr. National Team, USDSSA Team, Windells Academy, Vision Elite Snowboard Team, and Thrash Camp. Providing an opportunity to help other achieve their utmost is the personal mission and reason Guf and his wife started the non-profit Vision Elite Sports and Thrash Camp in 2013; training organizations that assist snowboards in skill development. Somehow he still finds additional time to volunteer with the USSA, USASA, and USSCEC as a Level 300 Coach Clinician. For seven years Guf has grown within the marketing department and finds his success in significance. He enjoys the challenges that multiple roles bring on a daily basis. As a Content Strategist and Brand Ambassador he has an unparalleled ability to synchronize and integrate strategic campaigns across marketing channels, implement key account partnerships to enhance the customer journey, and strengthens SEO through unique content generation by way of story building, product testing, and athlete management. Guf understands what motivates people, leads with passion, and has a raw zeal for a life worth living. He believes in his colleagues, supports his customers, and loves the lifestyle and products he promotes.


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  2. jude February 1, 2013 at 11:04 pm - Reply

    What year did the Jason Jessee guadalupe reissue come out?
    Thanks for your time…cheers

    • gufrocks March 13, 2013 at 11:29 am - Reply

      I believe it was around the beginning of the summer of 2012 for the most recent reissue.

  3. Rebecca June 25, 2013 at 6:04 pm - Reply

    Is there any way to tell if my Slasher board is an original? Thanks, Rebecca

    • Dana June 27, 2013 at 8:53 am - Reply

      Are you thinking its one of the fist made? Do you have any pictures?

  4. Dana July 2, 2013 at 10:36 am - Reply

    Your board could very well be an original.

  5. David Carpenter December 24, 2013 at 11:05 pm - Reply

    Definitely an original Rebecca, the grip tape job, rails and tail gaurd is a dead give-a-way.

  6. ota z November 6, 2015 at 6:13 pm - Reply

    Which do you prefer, the Hosoi Collage deck or the Hosoi Picasso deck?

    • gufrocks November 19, 2015 at 9:06 am - Reply

      The Picasso red is pretty unreal.

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