The House Employee Bucket List

2018-11-16T17:56:26+00:00November 18th, 2018|

Do you ever want to pack up and take off? Have you ever wanted to do something radical but maybe impossible? I catch myself multiple times throughout the day [...]

Top 5 Windsurfing Tools and Accessories

2018-08-08T16:01:52+00:00August 9th, 2018|

Windsurfing is a thrilling sport that challenges you both physically and mentally. Most sports have accessories that help you do the sport better or easier. There are a ton of [...]

Top 5 Beginner Wakesurfs

2018-08-06T20:24:10+00:00August 8th, 2018|

When you're land locked in Minnesota you're forced to look for alternatives to surfing if you're unable to make it out to the ocean. Many people have started to flock [...]


2018-08-07T16:17:00+00:00July 26th, 2018|

What are hydrofoils? How do they work? What are they used for? These are some typical questions that come up when discussing this revolutionary technology. Hydrofoils or foils, have been [...]

Windsurfing: Getting Started

2019-04-12T18:51:27+00:00July 11th, 2018|

There are several reasons to start windsurfing. To challenge yourself, try something new, for exercise, to get outside and for the thrill of zipping across the water. The most important [...]

A Quick Guide To Mt. Hood

2018-08-07T16:45:50+00:00July 6th, 2018|

As summer quickly approaches us snowboarders must figure out how they're going to get on board and keep their legs loose in the summer. Many choose to skateboard, but some [...]

Picks of the Week May 1st

2018-05-01T21:44:23+00:00May 1st, 2018|

Style meets functionality in this weeks Picks of the Week. POTW May 1st The Burton Backhill 25L Duffel Bag featured here is the Bkamo Print Color made of a 600D [...]

Vans Slip Ons Lite Shoes

2017-03-23T08:31:17+00:00March 23rd, 2017|

The world's best shoe - Vans Slip Ons The classic checkerboard patter may catch your eye at first, but the simplistic design, practical comfort, and lightweight appeal of the Vans [...]

Sharkbanz | Magnetic Shark Repellent

2016-05-09T09:27:17+00:00May 9th, 2016| The Bull shark is widely considered the most dangerous shark to humans because of its aggressive nature and nearshore habitat. The magnetic technology inside Sharkbanz was first tested [...]

DIY Tie-Dye Vans Boardshorts

2020-07-09T19:30:16+00:00April 10th, 2014|

Vans Era Classic DIY Tie-Dye Boardshorts Vans has always been a cool summer  brand, and it just got a little cooler with the Vans Era Classic Boardshorts.  Each pair of these [...]

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