The House Employee Bucket List


Do you ever want to pack up and take off? Have you ever wanted to do something radical but maybe impossible? I catch myself multiple times throughout the day [...]

The House Employee Bucket List2018-11-16T17:56:26+00:00

Top 5 Windsurfing Tools and Accessories


Windsurfing is a thrilling sport that challenges you both physically and mentally. Most sports have accessories that help you do the sport better or easier. There are a ton of [...]

Top 5 Windsurfing Tools and Accessories2018-08-08T16:01:52+00:00

Top 5 Beginner Wakesurfs


When you're land locked in Minnesota you're forced to look for alternatives to surfing if you're unable to make it out to the ocean. Many people have started to flock [...]

Top 5 Beginner Wakesurfs2018-08-06T20:24:10+00:00



What are hydrofoils? How do they work? What are they used for? These are some typical questions that come up when discussing this revolutionary technology. Hydrofoils or foils, have been [...]


Windsurfing: Getting Started


There are several reasons to start windsurfing. To challenge yourself, try something new, for exercise, to get outside and for the thrill of zipping across the water. The most important [...]

Windsurfing: Getting Started2019-04-12T18:51:27+00:00

A Quick Guide To Mt. Hood


As summer quickly approaches us snowboarders must figure out how they're going to get on board and keep their legs loose in the summer. Many choose to skateboard, but some [...]

A Quick Guide To Mt. Hood2018-08-07T16:45:50+00:00

Picks of the Week May 1st


Style meets functionality in this weeks Picks of the Week. POTW May 1st The Burton Backhill 25L Duffel Bag featured here is the Bkamo Print Color made of a 600D [...]

Picks of the Week May 1st2018-05-01T21:44:23+00:00

Vans Slip Ons Lite Shoes


The world's best shoe - Vans Slip Ons The classic checkerboard patter may catch your eye at first, but the simplistic design, practical comfort, and lightweight appeal of the Vans [...]

Vans Slip Ons Lite Shoes2017-03-23T08:31:17+00:00

Sharkbanz | Magnetic Shark Repellent

2016-05-09T09:27:17+00:00 The Bull shark is widely considered the most dangerous shark to humans because of its aggressive nature and nearshore habitat. The magnetic technology inside Sharkbanz was first tested [...]

Sharkbanz | Magnetic Shark Repellent2016-05-09T09:27:17+00:00

View From A Blue Moon Trailer | John John Florence


[youtube] View From A Blue Moon Trailer John John Florence's deep impact into surfing culture has only just started. John and Blake Vincent came together for their second movie [...]

View From A Blue Moon Trailer | John John Florence2016-03-22T15:59:18+00:00
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