Top Ten Longboard Brands


The list of top longboard brands continues to grow as the sport is becoming more and more popular, and companies are joining the bandwagon. Though this is extremely cool, this [...]

Top Ten Longboard Brands2017-10-04T20:41:53+00:00

Team Skateboard Completes


   The House Team Skateboard Gear There is nothing better than getting the skate team together for a little session.  The Little Canada skate park is less than a mile [...]

Team Skateboard Completes2012-11-23T17:05:53+00:00

Santa Cruz Reissue Skateboards


Santa Cruz Skateboards There isn't too many skate companies that have history like Santa Cruz.  That's why it's strange to see new companies producing decks with vintage shapes - Santa [...]

Santa Cruz Reissue Skateboards2012-06-08T16:23:46+00:00

Longboards for Beginners and Advanced Riders


Many would consider Loaded Longboard to be the best in the industry. With  fiberglass additive, vertically laminated bamboo and a drop through design, these are the perfect board for those who are looking to take their longboarding skills to [...]

Longboards for Beginners and Advanced Riders2012-04-20T13:10:07+00:00

Gravis Fulton Shoes – Product of the Week


  Gravis Fulton     Every once and a while you'll find a hidden gem like the Gravis Fulton on The House Boardshop's website.  It's a 50% skate 50% casual [...]

Gravis Fulton Shoes – Product of the Week2011-12-09T19:02:26+00:00

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses Review


This ladies and gentlemen is the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. It is the design that started it all. It was originally designed for US military fighter pilots in 1937. GQ [...]

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses Review2011-06-17T17:29:16+00:00


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