Vans Chima Pro 2 Review


The Vans Chima Pro 2 is Chima Ferguson’s second pro model shoe, made with sturdy canvas uppers and leather details. At first, these shoes have great support and grip to [...]

Vans Chima Pro 2 Review2018-07-26T16:55:27+00:00

2013 Etnies Marana Shoes


  After going through some major road blocks with the accidental leak release of  a Etnies Marana Ryan Sheckler Shoes video we finally can present the newest Etnies skate shoes - the [...]

2013 Etnies Marana Shoes2012-11-28T15:56:36+00:00

2013 Etnies Marana Ryan Sheckler Shoes


Etnies Marana Skate Shoes Here it is kiddos, the long awaited Etnies Ryan Sheckler 7 Shoes - actually they're not called that at all.  The shoe's real name is the [...]

2013 Etnies Marana Ryan Sheckler Shoes2012-11-28T15:24:10+00:00

2013 Emerica Bryan Herman Skate Shoes


Emerica Bryan Herman Pro Model Shoes Bryan Herman knows what he wants in a shoe and Emerica brought his designs to life with this concrete slayer.  It doesn't matter if [...]

2013 Emerica Bryan Herman Skate Shoes2012-10-19T18:50:09+00:00

Best Water Shoes for Men


Do you enjoy exploring creeks and river beds? How about boating, shore fishing, river rafting, kayaking, hiking through or across streams? Regular sandals, flip flops or old sneakers can sort [...]

Best Water Shoes for Men2012-07-23T17:54:23+00:00

Bike Shoes: Chrome Kursk


Chrome Kursk Bike Shoes It feels good being able to hop off a bike, lock it up, and walk away without clapping around in bike shoes.  The Chrome Kursk bike [...]

Bike Shoes: Chrome Kursk2012-05-31T15:05:33+00:00

Bike Shoes: Chrome Kursk Pro


Chrome Kursk Pro Bike Shoes Here you have it, finally (sigh), a clip-able bike shoe that doesn't make you look like a Jetson's character.  The Chrome Kursk Pro bike shoes [...]

Bike Shoes: Chrome Kursk Pro2012-05-30T13:13:56+00:00

Gravis Fulton Shoes – Product of the Week


  Gravis Fulton     Every once and a while you'll find a hidden gem like the Gravis Fulton on The House Boardshop's website.  It's a 50% skate 50% casual [...]

Gravis Fulton Shoes – Product of the Week2011-12-09T19:02:26+00:00

Gore-Tex Care: Maintenance, Washing & Restoring Gore-Tex


Taking good care of your waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex jackets or pants is very important when you consider the cost of wearing Gore-Tex. Care of Gore-Tex You love your Gore-Tex®. [...]

Gore-Tex Care: Maintenance, Washing & Restoring Gore-Tex2011-08-15T20:18:48+00:00
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