The 2010 Watson Classic is a shape that’s been the Liquid Force line for a little while now. There’s one simple reason: the board works. From under the feet of Shaun Watson for many years, to now, the weapon of choice for Harley Clifford, this last season on the pro tour, winning the whole pro tour on this shape. The Classic’s delivered the goods. It features a progressive three-stage rocker – it’s a straighter curve through the middle, more exaggerated curve out the tips, and a smooth transition area between those two zones, lets this board maintain its speed through landings but gives it a straighter arc, a higher-up pop off the wake. The Watson Classic has the double inside single concave, softening the landing, with deep edge channels. It allows this board to really bite and hold when you’re even turning it off the center of the board. Now these edge channels zero out, out the end of the board, with the middle concave, flowing into a spiral V. That makes this board want to rock rail to rail, and that V works with these deep, crisp molded-in side fins. You’ll notice, the fins on the Classic have a shorter base than some of our other shapes. This allows the fin to work right off the tail, but not hook up too quick, not catch too soon. But when you want the hold, this fin’s here to do the job. Placed between the fins and exiting the tip, are these vented quad channels. This keeps the water flow free, and breaks it up as it moves across the surface, just giving a Watson more speed for more pop!

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