Paddle boards open the doors to water sports! It doesn't matter if you live by a calm flat lake or by an ocean break, paddle boards are lightweight and versatile enough to get you anywhere on the water. Larger than traditional surfboards, stand up paddle boards, also called SUP, allow people with no experience the ability to learn how to enjoy small surfs in virtually no time at all. Paddle boards are designed to be wider than standard surfboards, rendering them far more stable and easy to maneuver. Typically constructed of fiberglass, you can trust your new SUPs to be durable. Browse through our huge selection that includes boards from brands like Naish, Pau Hana, Rave, Bic and more!

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Size: 11ft 6in
$949.95 $1049.99
Size: 12ft 6in
$999.95 $1099.95

Size: 10ft 6in
$899.95 $999.95
Size: 11ft
$699.95 $799.95

Size: 10ft
$599.95 $699.95

Size: 9ft 6in
$812.95 $999.95

Size: 9ft 2in, 10ft 6in
From: $649.95

Size: 12ft
$961.95 $1499.00

Size: 12ft 6in
$1337.95 $1849.00
Size: 10ft 8in
$475.95 $599.00

Size: 10ft 8in
$461.95 $720.00

Size: 8ft 3in
$516.95 $1199.99

Size: 10ft 6in, 11ft 6in

Size: 11ft 6in, 12ft 6in
From: $1199.99

Size: 10ft 5in
$986.95 $1299.00

Size: 9ft 6in, 12ft
From: $584.95 $1200.00

Size: 10ft
$1009.95 $1199.00
Size: 11ft
$1059.95 $1249.00

Size: 11ft 6in
$1238.95 $1395.00
Size: 11ft 6in, 12ft 4in
From: $747.95 $1399.00


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