Lib Tech Air'n Skim Wakesurfer

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Lib Tech Air'n Skim Wakesurfer

“This is my true skim style model with a nearly identical twin shape. For this one, we developed a unique Carbon Beam Spine for maximum pop, response and control. We designed in a low rocker for maximum speed, pop and consistency while riding regular and reverted. This board has amazing maneuverability and precise toe to heel edge control, featuring a full wrap tucked hard edge it holds a rail better than any other board on the planet. Our Lib ecoIMPACTO construction has bullet proof durability that allows you to stop worrying about babying your stick and focus on shredding. This is my dream board for everything from contests, perfecting NBD tricks to teaching beginners how to get up or coaching rippers through 360 shuvs and beyond.” - Aaron Witherell

Product Details

  • ecoIMPACTO Carbon Beam
  • High Strength Carbon Stringer
  • Magnesium Fiber
  • Hexylon Fiber Foam Skin
  • Nitrogenecell Foam with engineered vertical cell structure
  • G-Glass
  • Low VOC Bio Matrix Resin
  • Bio Reinforced Rails
  • Skim RRIP’S fin set included
  • Art by Mike Parillo
Size 4'4" 4'6" 4'8"
N 16.65" 16.65" 16.65"
W 20.5" 20.75" 21.0"
T 17.2" 17.2" 17.2"
TH 0.75" 0.75" 0.75"
Volume 9.8cl 10.3cl 10.8cl




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