Leki WCR TBS SL 3D Ski Poles - Womens

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Description: Leki WCR TBS SL 3D Ski Poles

Leki WCR TBS SL 3D or 16 mm thin slalom poles made of aluminum are your perfect guide in the fight for the last hundredths! The newTrigger 3Dgrip systemallows for better control thanks to the direct connection between the glove and the stick, more comfortable operation with quick snap and click, but also greater safety margins due to intelligent three-dimensional release, which extends the release range fourfold. The profile of the bearing surfaces of the Airfoil wand, which mimics the wings of an aircraft, reduces air resistance and enables optimal swing.

  • Stick type: Downhill
  • Series: Worldcup Race
  • Construction: Fixed length
  • Grip: Trigger 3D
  • Grip - specification: Slalom
  • Strap: Trigger 3D (Worldcup)
  • Stick diameter: Airfoil 16 mm
  • Stick material: Aluminum (HTS 6.5)
  • Plates: Alpine (Racing)
  • Spikes: Carbide Tip
  • Inclusion in the catalog: Alpine
  • Length: 105 - 125 cm
  • Mass: 299 g / pc at a length of 120 cm

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