Here we will take a look at winter 2015 snowboards from SIA 2014. There were a lot of new boards to take a look at this year. New designs, technology, shapes, and companies that have shifted into making snowboards. Everything from artwork based on celebrities (but is technically not based on celebrities *wink wink*), to boards cut as mustaches you could strap into and ride. Have you ever ridden a mustache??? If not just check out Lib-Tech for their unique board shapes. Probably the most colorful and interesting board graphics there were coming out of GNU and Capita’s booths. GNU’s all about getting weird and that definitely translates into the vibrant colors and designs they had going. Capita as well had a good selection of boards. They had all their different board series together with a nice “art gallery” like tag with the name of the line of boards on it. In this video we are highlighting the snowboards we saw while on our trek into the freshly powdered products of SIA.