In this installment we will take a look at winter 2015 snowboard bindings from SIA 2014. While at SIA, we were able to meet and connect with some of the top binding manufacturers in the U.S. Bindings for both snowboards and splitboards. New advances in hi-backs, straps and responsiveness were focal points for this upcoming year.

While walking around we were able to get a few words in with JF Pelchat from Now Snowboarding. They boast the “world’s first skate influenced binding.” One of the new features they are coming out with in 2015 is their “Hyper fuse” strap.  As we moved around a little more we found the Spark R&D booth and their splitboard bindings. Some things we learned about splitboard bindings is that while the pin system is still widely used, the newer Tesla system is gaining popularity among many board companies.

After chatting with Spark R&D, we ventured into the Burton booth where we were able to get a great handle on what they’re pushing for in 2015. You ever get irritated stepping on your binding strap even though you just pushed it off to the side? Well that’s where Burton’s “flexing hinge slider” comes into play. It’s made so that when you open your strap it stays open until you fold it back over. Another tech enhancement is their new “double take buckle system” which eliminates “ghost ratcheting” while trying to ratchet down your bindings. These are just bits of what we’ve collected. Keep a look out for the next “First Look SIA” coming soon to a screen near you!