Whether you are a speed junkie who lives for bombing hills or the newbie looking to start attempting some downhill riding, something on this list of the best downhill longboards for 2014 will fit just right. When looking for a top performing downhill longboard you’ll want to make sure it has these characteristics:

  • stiff, rigid deck
  • locking concave (for traction and control)
  • extra grippy grip
  • tightly tuned trucks
  • big hard wheels

The completes and decks on our list have everything you need to tackle some serious speeds. Keep in mind that some of following models are described as completes but are available as a deck only if that’s all you need. Without further ado, our list of the best downhill longboards for 2014.

Landyachtz Evo

Landyachtz Evo

Let’s start with the what has been voted the best downhill board for 5 years running now, the Landyachtz Evo longboard. With one of the gnarliest drop down shapes in the industry + the unique 0 degree cutout, this board will let you lock in and drive your turns off your front foot with stability in the back like no other deck. Plus, the 10 ply maple construction will give you the rigidity you need when hitting mach speeds. The 2014 limited edition graphic is pictured here, but still boasts all the same killer features found in the standard evo. If we could, we would rewrite the definition of wow as ‘evo’.  There’s plenty of different longboard options throughout our site.


Loaded Tesseract

Definitely the most versatile option on our list, the Loaded Tesseract is part skateboard, part longboard and 100% downhill board. A super stiff profile comes complete with a W concave to lock your feet down, wheel well flares to keep you from getting any bite and multiple wheelbase options you can customize to your liking. Fiberglass and bamboo make up this lightweight and extremely strong composite while the extra gritty grip tape wraps over your gas pedals for power and stability in slides and turns. As if it couldn’t get any better, the Tesseract also has nose and tail kick in case you’re feeling frisky.


The crew over at Never Summer are no strangers to steep and fast conditions. Never Summer’s Reaper longboard made it’s way on to our list for that reason. This top mount “micro drop” sits slightly lower due to the shallow platform where the trucks are mounted so it gives the rider a lower center of gravity. Other features include a W concave, ergonomic foot pockets, flared wheel wells and a carbonium base finish that is damn near bomb proof. Another amazing feature? CNC machined fiberglass wheel wells. In their own words the Reaper is their most technical, hard charging downhill bomber, ever.


Arbor Cypher

Next up on our list is the big beast from Arbor, the Cypher. This extra wide ride comes with a drop through construction to keep you riding nice and low for maximum stability. The beefy 9-ply premium wood construction adds rigidity, making the Arbor Cypher one seriously mean downhill board. You’ve got kicked out gas pedals for extra power in turns and slides and Arbor’s extra gritty grip wraps around the gas pedals for the ultimate in no-slip grip. The Cypher comes stock with Caliber 50 degree trucks, Abec 5 bearings and a 69mm wheel.


Sector-9 Rocker

Big boy boards have come out to play from Sector-9 this year. The Sector 9 Rocker is a big body board with hard maple and fiberglass plys. Not only is it super strong and durable, it’s also fairly lightweight considering its construction. The recessed truck mounts keep this board nice and low and the concave keeps you locked in for turns and steeps. The continuous width gives the rider excellent support, stability and power in turns. A nice bonus? The full dip color is super bright and just a little flashy, for those who like to show off a little.


Loaded Chubby Unicorn

The most mystical and magical of all the Loaded lineup is the one and only Chubby Unicorn. This creation may seem like something out of a story book but unlike it’s Unicorn moniker, this board actually does exist. Although it came out in 2013, it remains the most technically advanced longboard that Loaded has created and has become a downhill / freeride / freestyle work of art. The construction of this board is out of this world – triaxial fiberglass, epoxy, urethane, pre-milled vertically laminated basswood and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. Put all those materials together and add a serious W concave and grab rails and you have yourself quite possibly the worlds most spectacular downhill board.

If this list doesn’t make you want to get out there and attempt a 35 mph downhill run, then we don’t know what will. And by the way, if you are going to attempt that, make sure to look at our full selection of safety gear and slide gloves. Happy skating!



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