Let’s talk about the best 2013 skateboard bearings. When your skateboard starts moving slowly, it means one thing – it’s time for some new bearings. The key to a smooth and fast roll on your board is quality bearings and in this list we will break down some of the industries best skate bearings – from price point options under $12 to top of the line ceramics. No matter your budget, or the performance level you are looking for, we have just the bearings for you. And before you start shopping – have you ever cleaned your bearings? There’s a good chance that a nice deep cleaning and re-lube could give you just the boost you were looking for and help get some extra miles out of your current bearings. Click here for an awesome do-it-yourself guide to cleaning your own bearings. 

Mini Logo Bearings $11.95Mini Logo Bearings

Some serious bang for your buck, Mini Logo Bearings have been in the skate game for years and we can certainly see why. With removable shields (one side rubber one side metal) for easy cleaning, these durable price point bearings will get the job done for quite a bit less than the competitors. Designed specifically for skating, these bearings have precision ground and super finished hardened chromium steel races and balls for a high-performance feel in a perfectly priced package. If they get wet, will they rust eventually – yes – but if you’re only paying $11.95, who cares? 

Bones Reds Bearings $17.99

Bones Reds Bearings

Best selling bearing in the USA for a reason, Bones Reds are hands down the best under-twenty-dollar bearing that money can buy. Built in China in a manufacturing facility dedicated to producing only high quality skate bearings, Reds run like Swiss made bearings at half the price. After producing their Swiss bearings, Bones wanted to find a way to make a similar quality bearing at a more affordable price, and that’s where the idea for Reds came from. Same quality control and high standards that you expect from Bones without the Swiss or Ceramic price tag. 

Arbor Abec 7 Bearings $29.95Arbor Abec 7 Bearings

Since they are so good at making decks and wheels – why not top it off with a killer set of Arbor Abec 7 Bearings? Arbor comes full circle with these long lasting, corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings. Double sided rubber shields for easy cleaning, highly polished stainless steel components for excellent performance and pre-lubricated for an extra smooth ride. (yeah, I know, that’s what she said) Arbor may specialize in cruisers and longboards, but these high quality bearings will work perfectly on any setup and will have your board rolling smoother than ever. 

Sector-9 Platinum Bearings $29.95Sector 9 Abec 9 Bearings

The crew over at Sector 9 is good at a lot of things, and apparently bearings also happen to be one of them. Trusted by longboard and shortboard skaters everywhere, the Platinum Series Bearings from Sector 9 get the job done at a perfectly reasonable price. These stainless steel bearings are highly corrosive resistant so if cruising the boardwalk is your thing, these bearings will help fight the sand and moisture that goes along with that territory. Spacers included for extra strength and removable rubber shields makes for easy cleaning and maintenance . Keep these bearings dry and they will last you quite some time. 

Bones Swiss Bearings $42.95Bones Swiss Bearings

A legend in their own right with almost 25 years of very happy customers under their belt, Bones Swiss Bearings are the OG bearingsthat set the standard which all other bearings are measured by. The best selling high-end bearing and preferred by pro skaters world wide, if you are prepared to spend some extra dough, Bones Swiss are the way to go. Comes with a single, removable non-contact rubber shield for easy cleaning and low friction, high speed nylon ball retainer for extra speed and strength and is pre-lubricated with Bones very own Speed Cream. Pack also comes with spacers if you are looking for some extra support. In short, if you are looking for some serious durability and speed at a reasonable price, the Bones Swiss should be choice number one. 

Sector 9 Black Ball Ceramic Bearings $69.95Sector 9 Black Ball Ceramic Bearings

Ever seen the Sector-9 downhill team? If the Sector-9 Black Ball Ceramic Bearings are good enough for them, they sure as hell are good enough for the rest of us. Some of the gnarliest downhill riders out there trust these bearings to keep their boards moving faster than most of us would ever dare to go. High density black ceramic balls are lighter than steel and corrosion resistant which means these bearings will not break down as quickly as regular bearings and will also eliminate any steel debris that could clog up the inside of the bearing. Removable rubber shields protect the bearings and also allow for easy access for cleaning and the waterproof ceramic balls will keep rolling even after getting wet. (although it’s never recommended to get your bearings too wet..) For the casual rider looking for durable, long lasting bearings or the downhill racer looking to take first place, the Sector 9 Black Ball Ceramic’s are the way to go. 

Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings $122.95Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings

In a class all by themselves, the best of the best, baller status – Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings.Using Cerbec brand ceramic balls that are lighter, stronger, harder and longer lasting than the finest steel balls available. These bearings will accelerate faster, resist dirt and moisture and roll smoother than any other bearing on the market. If you only want to buy one set of skate bearings that is guaranteed to last you longer than any other bearing you’ve ever tried, the Bones Swiss Ceramic’s are exactly what you need. The high speed ball retainer adds strength and speed and the ceramic Cerbec balls won’t absorb any dirt or moisture, keeping the bearings cleaner for longer without all the maintenance. If your skateboard is your mode of transportation, or simply your best friend – treat it with some respect and throw the best of the best into your wheels. 

There you have it. The best skateboard bearings for 2013 have been declared. If you’re curious, take a look at our current stock of skateboard bearings and put some life back into that ride of yours.