Superfeet started out in 1977 making custom orthotics in a podiatric lab in the pacific northwest. The company was founded by doctors who realized the general public deserves the benefits of a functional insole, even if they can’t afford custom orthotics. Enter, Superfeet insoles. The affordable insole built on the science of custom orthotics.

How do they work? In a nutshell, Superfeet adapt the 2d midsole of your shoe (the flat inside) to the 3d shape of your foot. They are built around the most important part of the insole, the heelcup. The special hellcup design contains the soft tissue in your heel which acts as your bodies natural “shock absorber”. Maximizing this shock absorption helps promote better alignment by providing added support and comfort with each step.

All Superfeet are backed with a 60 day guarantee which shows you much they believe in their product. The perfect insole for you is out there, now it’s time to find the right one. Let’s explore some options…

Superfeet Green

Superfeet Green Insoles at Windward BoardshopSuperfeet Green Insoles at Windward Boardshop

The insole that started it all. The Superfeet Green insole is both their best selling and their longest running model. With the deepest heelcup and medium to high arch support, the Green insoles offer the most overall volume, creating a super supportive and highly comfortable insole. Extremely lightweight and highly supportive, this insole is great for both athletes and hard workers who spend their entire day on their feet.

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Superfeet Blue

Superfeet Blue Insoles at Windward BoardshopSuperfeet Blue Insole at Windward Boardshop

Built off the popularity of the Green insole, the Superfeet Blue insole is a more shallow version and great for those with a medium to low arch. They are also more narrow and have less overall volume so they are super low profile and offer great support for those who might have had a hard time finding inserts due to a narrow, shallow foot. Lightweight and minimal, yet super supportive.

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Superfeet Merino Grey

Superfeet Merino Grey Insoles at Windward BoardshopSuperfeet Merino Grey Insoles at Windward Boardshop

For the winter seasons, the Merino Superfeet are a great option. In the Merino Grey option, you get the deepest heelcup that Superfeet makes, a medium to high arch and the most volume in any of the insoles. Think the fit of the Superfeet Green, with a layer of wool. This layer of merino wool coats the top of the insole allowing for added temperature regulation. Whether you plan to toss these into your snowboard boots or your favorite winter sneakers, the Superfeet Merino Grey insoles are perfect at keeping you warm when you need it while still breathing to keep you from overheating.

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Superfeet Merino White

Superfeet Merino White at Windward BoardshopSuperfeet Merino White at Windward Boardshop

Another great cold weather option from Superfeet is the Merino White insole. With a more shallow instep and medium to low arch, the Merino White’s are great for a more narrow foot and also offer low bulk and an overall low-profile feel while still offering the support and strength you expect from Superfeet. Think the fit of the Superfeet Blue, with a layer of wool. Like the Merino Grey, this layer of merino wool coats the top of the insole for added temperature regulation. Winter boots, snowboard boots or just your favorite casual shoes, the Superfeet Merino White insoles will keep you cozy and supported this winter.

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Superfeet Copper

Superfeet Copper Insoles at Windward BoardshopSuperfeet Copper Insoles at Windward Boardshop

The Superfeet Copper edition gives you a ton of the tech at a fraction of the price. With 3 layers of foam, the Copper insoles offer great support and comfort thanks to their 3 layer design: Firm layer, memory foam layer and athletic layer. The firm layer offers support, the memory foam forms to your foot for a perfect fit and the athletic layer offers breathability and an antimicrobial treatment to keep them from getting too stinky. If you’ve always dreamed of having custom insoles but could never afford them, try on a pair of these and see how they work for you.

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Superfeet Carbon

Superfeet Carbon Insoles at Windward BoardshopSuperfeet Carbon Insoles at Windward Boardshop

If you love the idea of having “the best” of something, then the Carbon Superfeet may be perfect for you. The fit is slightly more shallow than the Copper making them great for those with a medium to low arch and narrow foot. The Carbon insoles are the lightest, thinnest and strongest insoles that Superfeet makes. Similar fit to the Superfeet Blue model with an added a carbon fiber weave, 20% less foam. Plus, the Carbon’s are 100% made in the USA unlike the other models with a mix of sourced materials. The Carbon insoles are some of the best around if you are looking for lightweight support with a low profile and low volume fit.

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That wraps up our lineup of Superfeet insoles. Hopefully you can now understand the differences between these models and how they help different feet type and fit preferences. The last thing to note is that all Superfeet insoles are sized using a lettering system from B-H. Here is a chart for men’s and women’s shoe size to Superfeet letter conversion.

Men 5.5-7 7.5-9 9.5-11 11.5-13 13.5-15 15.5-17
Women 4.5-6 6.5-8 8.5-10 10.5-12

We’ve all been wearing Superfeet here at the shop and can’t be more excited about the difference they really do make. With the 60 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by just trying them out.

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