We know it’s heart breaking to talk about the snowboard season ending, but it’s coming to a reality and that means it’s time to talk about some summer snowboard storage tips. Properly storing your board for the winter will ensure that your base is not completely dehydrated come next season and will help keep your board in the best shape possible.

Summer Tune-Up

A summer tune is basically a full wax and sharpen tune on your snowboard, except you skip the final step which is scraping the board. Leaving a heavy coat of wax on your board during the summer months will keep your base hydrated and protected from the extreme summer heat. You can do this at home or ask your local shop. If you wan to try it at home, you can check out this video on how to tune your snowboard. Remember, just skip the scrape at the end and leave the wax on until next season.

Supplies you will need for home tuning

If you do choose to do your own tune, here is a list of the items that you will need to get the job done right. We also added some links to a few of our favorite products below.

Snowboard Storage

Where and how you store your board is also as important as your summer wax. Extreme temps are not good for your base. Keeping the summer wax on your base helps but if your board is exposed to extreme heat, it can still dry out.

One of the best ways to store your board is in a board bag. Board bags are great for travel but they also make great storage bags. This way, you can keep you board, bindings, boots and helmet all in one place. Your board will also be protected for dents and dings.

We also recommend keeping your board in a temperature regulated area like your basement or closet. Avoid the garage since they can get super hot in the thick of summer.

Now you have the know how to keep your board in good shape during the off season. If you have any specific tuning questions, feel free to contact one of our tuning specialists at 888-706-0090 or shoot us an e-mail.



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