When it comes to socks you can either go bold or you can go plain. Stance Socks does not believe in the latter. In fact they believe so much in going off the charts that they even have sets in mismatched designs! The best part of Stance socks are not even the crazy color ways or patterns, it’s the technology they put into them. If I asked you what a Y Gore Seam meant or what a Welt Cuff was used for, could you tell me? I didn’t think so. But not to worry, I didn’t know either until I started wearing them and wondered why my footsies felt amazing. Let’s go ahead and run down some of the terms and technology Stance uses and what they really mean and do.

Combed Cotton: When you grab your first pair of Stance socks it’s hard not to notice how soft they are. That comes from a process called “combed cotton”. This is a process in which the cotton is treated before it is spun into yarn. By far the softest pair of socks I have owned and that you will own, even after washing.

True Heel Fit / Y Gore Seam: When you get your sock on you may immediately think to yourself “Do I have a hole in the heel of my sock?” You would be wrong in thinking that. What that is, is the True Heel Fit / Y Gore Seam doing it’s job. It is a heel pocket designed to hold your heel into your sock for a much better fit and feel. That’s your heel asking the sock to spoon with it. 

Elastic Arch Band: It kinda sounds like just what it says. For those of you that have arch support issues you need as much help as you can get. Stance provides some help. What feels like an ace bandage around your foot is the band.  Intended to lift your arch for max comfort and support.  

stance-tech-breakdownNow for all you snowboarders out there we all know the importance of our feet being as comfortable as humanly possible, all the way to our boots. Your socks are going to play just as an important role. It’s what keeps us dry and warm and most importantly happy and on the mountain longer.

What Stance has done for us to help make our dreams become a reality was to add features like the Instep Flex Panel which helps limit the bunching of the sock at the top of your foot eliminating pressure points. They have also added Mesh Vents to keep our feet cooler and dryer. A Welt Cuff to keep our socks from falling to our ankles like grandpa’s old raggedy socks, Reinforced Heel and Toes to keep them working overtime preventing those bunyans from breaking through. And by far their most impressive feature which you will find on the Python sock in our store, is the Graduated Compression. I can go into all of the technical jargon of this feature, but in elementary terms just know that this sock is going to fit you just right in all the right spots. Snugger in some areas, looser in others, allowing for maximum blood flow allowing you feet to stay very warm for all day riding. Just like a python… See what I did there?

You and your friends may not have known the Stance brand before reading this but know you know more than them. You can either sit and wait to jump on the bandwagon or you can go out and be one of the first to rock the future. I suggest the latter. Here is your chance, check out the Stance Socks we have in-stock today.