From out of town or local to and looking for a new spot to skate? We are here to run down where to skate in Chicago. Below is a list of the closest skateparks in and around the downtown area.

Grant Park Skatepark

Although it’s not much to look at now, there are big plans in the works for the Grant Park Skatepark. Opened in 2006 at the southern end of the park, this cement slab sits next to some tennis courts and doesn’t offer much in the way of features but if things go as planned, this park will expand to a massive 3 acres and include much more than just a simple skatepark. Stay tuned for more details as the plans slate the new park to be done late fall 2014. Until then, the park sits on Columbus just south of E Balbo. No helmets required, open park hours 6am – 11pm.

Grant Park Skate Park

Wilson Skatepark

A favorite for the north siders, Wilson Skatepark is located just off Lake Shore Drive in the Uptown neighborhood. The concrete park has 2 big bowls, an 8-stair, countless ledges and a couple rails. Built in 2003, this park measures about half an acre so that means plenty of space to play. If you are a newbie we would recommend staying away on weekends as they park gets pretty busy but weekdays and early mornings are a great time to have a little more space to yourself. Added bonus – there’s a huge parking lot right next to the park so you don’t have to worry about finding city parking. No helmets required, lights at night, open park hours 6am-11pm.


Logan Skatepark

Located underneath an overpass for I-90, Logan Square Skatepark is perfect for not-so-great weather as the tollway offers a little protection from Mother Nature. A far cry from the likes of other “under freeway” skateparks like Washington St in San Diego or Burnside in Portland, Logan measures over an acre in size and has a ton of various features. A large stair set, corner bowl, quarter pipes, rails and manny pads cover this skatepark, which is also BMX friendly. For rainy or snowy days Logan is a great choice! Located near the intersection of Logan and Western Ave.  No helmets required, lights at night, open park hours 6am-11pm.


Little Village / Piotrowski

Smaller, but generally less crowded, Little Village Skatepark is located on the near south side at 31st & S. Kildare Ave. This skate plaza-style park is super open, very smooth and has some nice benches, a small stair set, parking blocks and other city style features. Park hours are 6am – 11pm, no helmets are required, there are some lights and a field house is on the property but not open as late as the park.


Burnham / 31st Street

Just south of Grant Park, right past the 31st Street Beach House sits another great outdoor all concrete park, Burnham Skate Park (aka 31st Street). Similar to it’s brother from the North (Wilson Skatepark) this park has 2 pretty burly bowls, lots of ledges, rails and other street like features. Same deal as the rest, open park district hours (6am – 11pm), no pads or helmets required.

Burnham Skatepark 31st St

Asylum Indoor Skatepark

Located 45 minutes north of downtown in Lake Bluff, Asylum Skatepark is the only indoor skatepark around. (which is why it made the list even though it’s not in Chicago) Asylum has a pretty solid layout but keep in mind it is open to bikes and scooters as well so it can get a little hectic at times. Tons of features like rails, stair set, wall rides, one large bowl and best of all, it’s indoors. That is hard to come by in our area. In February, when you are dying to skate, it’s definitely worth the trip. No helmets or pads required but they are recommended. Non members pay $11 to skate but there are memberships available, you can book parties, lessons and even shop thanks to their on-site store. Find them at 29850 N. Skokie Hwy, Lake Bluff, IL.

Asylum Skatepark