The 2015 SUP season has arrived and the new lineup from Riviera Paddlesurf is better than ever. More gorgeous colors, boards for every type of paddler and the new Art series debuts with some crazy colors for those flashy paddlers out there. Whether you are looking to surf, cruise or start some recreational racing, we’ve got just the board for you.

Riviera Voyager Classic at Windward Boardshop

Riviera Voyager Classic 12’6

With a timeless look and high quality construction, the Riviera Voyager Classic is at the top of our list. It has the same shape as the regular Voyager but with a bamboo / fiberglass build. This upgraded construction is pounds lighter making it easier to maneuver and transport. The exposed wood topsheet gives the Classic it’s signature look and the 12 gear tie town plugs give you a ton of space for all your gear. The Voyager’s versatile shape allows paddlers of any skill level to enjoy the ride. The wide body is super stable and easy to balance on while the displacement hull slices through the water for a fast, smooth glide. Recreational racing, touring, long distance journeys or just cruising around your local lake, the Riviera Voyager Classic is the ideal board.

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Riviera Voyager at Windward Boardshop

Riviera Voyager 12’6

We refer to the Riviera Voyager as the “RV” of the lineup. From the wide, sturdy deck shape to the 12 gear tie downs, there is almost room for the whole family! Perfect for beginners but still enjoyable for more experienced paddlers, the Voyager is ideal family board that everyone will love. Over 5″ thick and 32 inches wide, the Voyager has the most stable platform of any board on this list making it almost impossible to NOT be able to balance on this board. First timers will step on the Voyager and paddle with confidence in no time. The displacement hull and narrow nose allow more experienced SUP’ers to slice through the water quickly and glide fast making it a great board for cross training, longer distance treks and recreational races. With a lightweight and durable EPS core, the Voyager is also equipped to handle some rough housing so if this board is living at the lake house.  If your crew is looking for one board to please everyone, there’s a good chance the Riviera Voyager is that board.

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Riviera Select Series at Windward Boardshop

Riviera Select Series 10’6, 11’6

One of the best selling models of any board here at Windward is the Riviera Select Series. These gorgeous boards are lightweight, versatile, easy to paddle and come in a slew of lovely colors. Each has the exposed wood veneer for that classic longboard look and the dimensions allow beginners to paddle comfortably. The more experienced crowd will appreciate the boards versatile, surf friendly shape. Inside, you’ve got an EPS foam core with a bamboo and glass wrap, kevlar rails for added durability, a gorgeous wood veneer and colorful deck pads are the icing on the cake. Available in 2 sizes, the Riviera Select Series is a no-brainer.

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Riviera Art Series at Windward Boardshop

Riviera Art Series 10’6, 11’6

If you are looking to make a statement in the water this summer, you may be interested in the Riviera Art Series. These flashy boards have all the same insides as the Select Series but get a colorful top coat to add a little flare. Available in classic camo or a snazzy pink plaid, you will be sure to turn heads in and out of the water with one of these boards!

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Riviera Series at Windward Boardshop

Riviera Original Series 10’6, 11’6

The ‘most bang for your buck’ paddle board on this list is the Riviera Original Series. With a simple construction that gets the job done while keeping the price low, the Original Series is perfect for someone looking to get into stand up paddle boarding that doesn’t want to spend a fortune on the investment. A ton of available colors, 2 different sizes, lightweight, durable and more. The EPS foam core is wrapped with a bamboo / glass combo and kevlar rails to add to the durability. The deck pad is comfortable under your feet and offers great traction while the built in handle grip makes carry and transport a piece of cake. Want to learn to paddle surf too? The Original Series is definitely small-surf friendly so whether you are looking to hit the waves or just cruise around your local lake, the Riviera Original Series would be a perfect first board.

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