Leading the industry when it comes to inflatable stand up paddle boards is the one and only Red Paddle Co. This brand has been killing it for years with features like 25 max PSI and the Titan Pump, but they’ve officially outdone themselves this summer with the brand new MSL Fusion Technology. Some facts directly from Red Paddle Co regarding this new technology:

“Firstly we have removed the process of coating the inner thread section with molten PVC – for us this was redundant process, as we had no interest in producing a single layer board and only served as a base to glue our outer/double layer too. It was also a messy process with very little control. Instead we coat the thread structure in a layer of adhesive that has been specially formulated to create both a seal and a bonding layer. We then machine laminate a layer or high density structural PVC to this adhesive layer under a controlled conditions – completely removing the human factor involved in traditional double layer application.”

“This whole process is done at the raw material stage by carefully calibrated machinery developed for this process. The result is a consistent and high level of cosmetic finish that has all of the durability and strength properties of our previous double layer construction. And because this process is done at the raw material stage we are now able to benefit from torsion stiffness as the material is put under tension when the board is inflated.”

If you are looking for the cliff notes version, this new technology makes the boards lighter, stronger and stiffer at lower pressure ratings meaning lighter weight riders can get top of the line rigidity without going to the full 25 psi. This new mechanical fusion also takes out room for human error, making it nearly impossible to have flawed or blemished boards.

Now that you understand what makes them so awesome, let’s get into each model so you can find your next inflatable stand up paddle board!

Red Ride Inflatable SUP Board 10’6, 10’8

Red Paddle Co Ride 10'6 at Windward Boardshop

The number 1 do-it-all inflatable from Red Paddle Co is by far the Red Paddle Co Ride Inflatable SUP Board. Available in 2 sizes and perfect for both beginners and experienced paddlers, the Ride can cruise flat water, surf smaller waves and is as durable as they come. Thanks to their new and improved construction and whopping max 25 psi, the 10’6 has a weight capacity of 220 lbs while the 10’8 can hold up to 265 lbs. No matter your size or skill level there is definitely a Ride board that can work for you! Other features include gear tie downs at the nose, an additional handle at the tail where you can also stash your paddle, and a high quality, super comfortable deck pad that offers excellent grip. Each Red package comes with the board, industry-leading Titan Pump that offers dual-cylinder inflation power, a water-resistant phone case and a high-quality wheeled travel bag. If you’ve been thinking about an inflatable, and you want the best the money can buy they  you should be checking out the Red Ride.


  • Portable convenience
  • High weight capacity on the 10’8 is ideal for bigger riders
  • MSL technology guarantees a strong, durable seal for minimal issues


  • Not the best model in the line for racing or touring

Shop the Red Ride 10’6

Shop the Red Ride 10’8

Red Sport Inflatable SUP Board 11’0, 12’6

Red Paddle Co Sport at Windward Boardshop

For those looking for a fun cruiser board but are hoping for a little extra speed, the Red Paddle Co Sport Inflatable SUP Board just might be the perfect board for you. With more of a touring shape and pointed nose, the Sport will be faster than the Ride collection and is still available in a user-friendly 11’0 size or 12’6 for those looking for more of a true touring-style board. The 11’0 is a perfectly-sized little cruiser board that holds rider weight up to 200 lbs and has a slightly more narrow 30″ width. The 12’6 goes up to a max weight of 300 lbs and also has a 30″ width. The more directional nose drives through the water for a faster push with each stroke and the additional handle on the tail can also store your paddle for when you need to take 5 and enjoy your view. Gear storage at the nose gives you a spot to stash your travel bag, dry bag or life vest and the highly durable MSL technology assures this board will be able to take a beating for years to come. If race boards are not your thing but you want something faster than an all-around surf / SUP shape, then the Red Paddle Co Sport is just the board for you.


  • Directional, defined nose is faster through the water
  • 30″ width allows for a faster paddle stroke
  • 12’6 shape could perform well in recreational races


  • 30″ width could be too narrow for beginners

Shop the Red Sport 11’0

Shop the Red Sport 12’6

Red Activ Inflatable SUP Board 10’8

Red Paddle Co Activ 10'8 at Windward Boardshop

Yoga and fitness guru’s rejoice! The Red Paddle Co Active Inflatable SUP Board has been created just for you. Red knows the SUP yoga world is growing like crazy so they knew that had to make a board specifically for that clientele. The Red Activ measures 10’8 x 34″ which creates a super stable platform for all your fitness needs. The full, high quality deck pad offers a super comfortable, grippy footing area while the 4 built in handles give you plenty of ways to both carry the board and pull yourself back up onto the board from in the water. The handles at the nose and tail are also wide enough to slide your paddle into to hold during your yoga or fitness class. Also plan to use the Activ as a paddleboard on the daily? No problem. The 34″ width is highly stable but not too wide so it inhibits your paddle stroke. For the active man or woman looking a paddle board that can keep up with their lifestyle, the Red Activ is the only way to go.


  • Yoga / Fitness specific design
  • Full yoga mat top is comfortable and grippy
  • 34″ width is stable yet still easy to paddle


  • More yoga-specific so not ideal for the person who wants more of a paddle board / less of a yoga board
  • 34″ width can be a little wide for shorter paddlers

Shop the Red Activ 10’8

Red Explorer Inflatable SUP Board 12’6

Red Paddle Co Explorer 12'6 at Windward Boardshop

For the long-distance paddler who wants speed and agility, the Red Paddle Co Explorer Inflatable SUP Board is an ideal option. With a true touring shape and features galore, the Explorer is a best-seller of the Red lineup. With a massive weight capacity and additional tech, the Explorer can do long distance journeys, fishing trips and is a dream to paddle on flatwater conditions. 5 built in handles offers multiple carrying options, several ways to pull yourself back up onto the board as well as paddle storage so your paddle doesn’t float away. Gear tie downs at the nose and tail give you ample space for all your gear while the added thickness (5.9″) makes this one of the most rigid, stable boards in the Red lineup. Multiple fin options assure you can track as straight as possible, even in windy conditions. A removable center fin, 2 optional rear runner fins and even an optional nose fin means the board keeps gliding straight even when packed with all your gear. And speaking of holding weight – the Explorer has a whopping weight capacity of 330 lbs! So, tandem riding, fishing or bringing your large dog along for a ride are all feasible options if you choose the Explorer. For anyone that loves to paddle and has a passion for adventure, the Red Explorer 12’6 is probably the perfect choice for you.


  • Fast, strong defined nose shape
  • A ton of deck storage
  • Multiple optional fins ensure perfect straight tracking


  • A lot of board and possibly too large for smaller, lighter weight riders
  • Not ideal for surfing

Shop the Red Explorer 12’6

Red Race Inflatable SUP Board 12’6

Red Paddle Co Race 12'6 at Windward Boardshop

An inflatable race board? You don’t say! For those on the go that desire a race board that can easily travel from city to city, race to race, the inflatable Red Paddle Co Race Inflatable SUP Board 12’6 could be the answer to all your problems. Many will be in disbelief that an inflatable can actually stand up to other rigid boards in a SUP race but thanks to the premium construction that Red offers, the Race 12’6 can bring the trophies home. MSL technology promises top of the line rigidity and durability, RSS (rail stiffening system) included for additional support, nose and tail fins ensure that you track as straight as possible with very little drag while the specially designed rocker line offers premium speed and a smooth glide. The narrow 28″ width allows the Race board to compete with the big boys while the near 6″ thickness still offers stability and comfort for the rider. If the thought of being able to bring your race board with you on an airplane appeals to you, then the Red Race 12’6 just might be the right board for you.


  • Sleek 12’6 x 28″ shape
  • Nose and tail fins for directional stability
  • Specially designed rocker profile for ultimate speed and smooth glide


  • Not intended for beginner paddlers
  • Not ideal for surf
  • Narrow width can be highly unstable to novice racers

Shop the Red Race 12’6

If there is a chance that you are still debating whether or not an inflatable board is right for you, check out this article we wrote on the pro’s and con’s of buying inflatable -vs- rigid SUP Board.shop more Red Paddle Co SUP Boards



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