Remind Insoles knows that when it comes to body parts, feet really got the short end of the stick. Our feet take all the pressure of everyday life – and if they don’t get treated nicely, it will end up affecting your entire body. You know the song “your back bone connected to your thigh bone..?” Well, it’s true. Everything is connected, and bad shoes + being on your feet all day = major back issues. And if you skate or snowboard, double the problems. The impact that your heels take during big tricks can cause a domino affect of problems for your feet, legs and back – causing a number of health issues.

However, there’s good news. Remind Insoles is here to save the day. In 2008, the Remind brand was founded on top of years and years of skating, snowboarding – and pain. The team at Remind knew there had to be a way to get the support and effectiveness of a doctor prescribed medical orthotic insole, without the hefty price tag and annoying insurance process. Thanks to their hard work, determination and huge amount of research, they were able to make it happen. 

Remind Insoles currently offers 3 insoles and 1 snowboard boot liner, in this article we will break down the benefits of each so you can find a solution that is right for you. Keep in mind, each insole can be worn in your everyday shoes, skate shoes AND snowboard boots. If you want to overhaul your snowboard boots, step up to the Solution Boot Liner. 

remind insoles – the cush

The first insole born in the Remind factory was the Cush. The goal – an effective orthotic insole, that is easily accessible, at a good price. Mission accomplished. 

  • Joint alignment for ankles, knees, hips and spine.
  • Stink-proof anti-microbial.
  • Top of the line impact absorption. 
  • BLUE MAGIC heel bruise protection.
  • Thermo-molding footbed that forms to the shape of your foot. 
Remind Cush

remind insoles – the medic

For stomping the biggest tricks, the Medic is the only way to go. Triple layer foam impact system strategically placed to offer the best support and shock absorption. 

  • Deep heel seat with BLUE MAGIC protection. 
  • Enhanced cushioning for superior impact and shock absorption.
  • Anti-microbial moisture wicking fabric.
  • Proper joint alignment of the ankles, knees, hips and spine.
Remind Medic

remind insoles – the remedy

Made right here in the US, the Remedy is Remind Insoles most supportive insole and offers the most arch support of all the footbeds. The Remedy is also self-molding, has fast rebound and high impact absorption. 

  • Thermo-molding top cover.
  • Anti-microbial and moisture wicking.
  • Tri-foam heel construction to prevent heel bruising.
  • Semi-rigid arch support.

Remind Remedy


remind insoles – the solution

When you are ready to take your snowboard boots to the next level, look to Remind’s Solution Boot Liner. These liners boast a “zero pack-out” fit and superior impact protection. They also offer a roomier toe box for comfort and a tight heel lock zone for the perfect fit and great response. Other features include an anti-microbial three-foam system and even pressure point distribution to keep from getting uncomfortable numb spots. Your snowboard season just got awesome.

 Remind Solution LIner

If you are looking for a few other reasons to trust this brand, take a peak at a couple of their team riders. A pretty impressive list of skaters and snowboarders whose feet take a serious beating on the daily.

Chico Brenes, Chad Tim Tim, Shruiken Shannon, Boo Johnson, Travis Rice, Bryan Iguchi, Bjorn Lienes and Chad Otterstrom. For their full list of team riders, click here.  These riders have made their feet happier with Remind Insoles, are you up for the comfort?