When Now Bindings hit the market a few years back, their Skate Tech construction absolutely changed the game. Now with a full collection and some finely-tuned advancements, the lineup is more solid than ever. From all mountain and entry level to carbon-loaded high performance, Now has a binding for every type of rider.

Before we dive into the lineup, here is some basic info about Skate Tech for the first-timers out there.

“Inspired by how easily and efficiently a skateboard turns; major components of our system mimic both the function and description of skateboard trucks. The ‘Hanger’ powerfully transfers energy input from the straps to the bushings and onto the edges of your board. The Kingpin acts as a fulcrum, magnifying this energy through leverage. Traditional bindings diminish energy transfer by the flexing and bending of their baseplate, forcing you to crank your straps down harder, ride with more forward lean, or run taller and stiffer highbacks. This all leads to more foot fatigue and pain. NOW bindings bypass the middle of the snowboard and direct your energy right onto the board’s edges. They simply transfer more power to the board with less work, meaning your feet will stay more relaxed and comfortable, longer.”

Mens Bindings


Now IPO at W82

The Flagship binding of the Now brand, and the binding that helped give them a name in the snowboard industry is the one and only IPO. The Now IPO introduced skate tech to the world years ago and continues to be one of their best selling bindings. With a medium flex and playful response, the IPO is a perfect all-mountain binding that also loves a good romp in the park. Switch out the bushings in the baseplate to cater to your own personal riding style and customize the level of response. The Freewing highback offers asym support the follows the angle of your leg while also offering dampening and reduce calf bite. Other features include SIEVA Straps that are single injection EVA molded straps that have no stitching for a lightweight and highly durable strap and tool-less adjustments for fine-tuning on the go. Reasonably priced, customizable tech and all mountain capable – you cannot go wrong with the Now IPO.


  • budget friendly
  • Skate Tech offers customizable bushing system
  • New SIEVA straps


  • Although longer than the original design, the high back is slightly shorter which may not work for some riders

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Now x Yes

Now x Yes bindings at W82

Built for the Yes team and brand new for winter 2018, the Now x Yes bindings are a freestyle rippers dream come true. Very similar to the IPO bindings, the Yes bindings offer a medium flex and customizable Skate Tech. Ideal for all mountain riding but fine tuned for the freestyle crowd, the Yes bindings offer the high quality SIEVA ankle straps, buckles 2.0, 3-D minimal toe straps and the tool-less adjuster straps. The Highback 2.0 has a flex hinge for a more fluid, freestyle friendly support system these bindings also come with a lifetime warranty. Originally built for Yes team members only – and now available for the rest of us – get your hands on the Now x Yes bindings before they are gone!


  • Freestyle forward, medium flex
  • Customizable Skate Tech
  • Originally designed specifically for the Yes snowboard team


  • Medium flex and softer high back may be too loose for big mountain riding
  • Channel disc is available but not included, be sure to order that if you are pairing with a Burton channel snowboard

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Now Pilot at W82

A stiffer binding in the lineup and perfect for more aggressive all-mountain freestyle riding is the Now Pilot. The binding of choice for riders like Iikka Backstrom, the Pilot offers enough support for you to charge a littler harder – whether thats in the park, out of bounds or racing down the groomers. The Pilot comes stock with Skate Tech and the Hanger 2.0, Highback 2.0 with the flex hinge and Flush Cup technology for a perfect fit in the heelcup. The conventional Asym ankle strap offers ergonomic support, the Tool-less adjuster straps let you make changes on the go and the Pilot comes stock with the Hard bushings for a more responsive ride. If you are looking for more support and stability in your bindings, then the Now Pilot is an excellent choice.


  • More suportive / stiffer binding
  • Highback 2.0 has higher medial side that follow leg angles
  • Flex hinge on highback dampens chatter and eliminates calf-bite


  • The price jumps up because of the tech but otherwise, we can’t find any cons!

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Now Drive Bindings at W82

Designed by Jeremy Jones himself, the Now Drive has been finely tuned for the winter ’18 season and is a top-notch big mountain / freeride binding. Built to offer support and stability under extreme riding conditions, the Drive comes equipped with the Calfback Highback which has a flex rating of 7/10 and sits 20mm higher than the Freewing highback, offering unmatched support and comfort. The Hanger 2.0 is reinforced with 30% fiberglass for reduced weight and added strength, the post is 30% carbon fiber and the bindings come with both the Medium and Hard bushings for a customizable ride. 3D EVA toe straps help to lock your boots into place for immediate response while the Flipit ankle strap offers a no-pressure-point fit thanks to the seamless / stitchless construction. High performance, top notch materials and designed by one of the world’s best snowboarders, it’s time to take the Now Drive bindings for a spin.


  • Stiff and responsive for big mountain performance
  • Major comfort and support thanks to the Calfback Highback
  • Comes with Medium and Hard bushings for a customizable ride


  • Less forgiving due to stiffness
  • Higher price point, coming in over $300
  • Stiffer highback may seem less comfortable to some riders

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Now O-Drive at W82

Rounding out the mens Now bindings brings us to their prized fighter, the Now O-Drive. These insanely lightweight, responsive and performance-driven bindings are built with top of the line materials and are intended for those riders that want the best. With a 10/10 flex rating, the O-Drive offers insane response thanks to the 3K Carbon Fiber FS2 highback. The asymmetrical shape of the highback follows the riders leg angles for more ergonomic support while the highback itself sits higher for added comfort and responsiveness. Other features include a 30% Carbon Fiber Hanger 2.0, 30% Carbon Fiber 4×4 disc and included Medium and Hard bushings for a more customizable ride. When you need  your bindings to step up and do work in tough conditions, you need a binding that has the materials to get the job done. The Now O-Drive is that binding.


  • Carbon fiber highback
  • Partially carbon hanger and 4×4 disc
  • Top notch straps for a locked in fit


  • Extremely stiff
  • Expensive

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Women’s Bindings


Now Vetta Bindings at W82

For the ladies that are looking for comfort, minimal weight and a forgiving ride – the Now Vetta binding is an excellent option. This progression-friendly binding is the “little sister” of the IPO and designed specifically for the female rider. A lower-rise Flex Hinge Highback is perfect for lower sitting calf muscles and shorter boots, the middle of the road 5/10 flex rating offers the perfect amount support without feeling too stiff while the 15% fiberglass Hanger reduces weight for more efficient performance. Skate Tech is built in for a responsive ride and the Soft bushings are included for comfort, dampening and chatter reduction. For the ladies who are looking for a reliable, easy riding binding, the Now Vetta is the perfect choice.


  • Lightweight and soft / medium flex
  • Lower-rise Flex Hinge Highback
  • Budget-friendly


  • More forgiving means a little less responsive
  • Intended for all mountain cruising, less ideal for big mountain performance

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Now Conda at W82

For the ladies that are pushing their skills and looking for a binding that will do the same, the Now Conda is the obvious choice. The binding of choice for Helen Schettini, the Conda is perfect for the ladies that are charging hard and need a more responsive binding. With a 7/10 on the flex scale, the Conda comes stocked with Skate-Tech, Flush Cup Tech, a 30% fiberglass hanger and a 50% nylon post. This lightweight and responsive bindings also has the new Asym SIEVA straps and 3D minimal toe straps for a secure and comfortable, locked in fit. When it comes to all-mountain / freestyle performance and a fit that is tailored just for the girls, the Now Vetta is the clear winner.


  • Responsive 7/10 rating
  • Asym SIEVA ankle strap
  • Ergonomically correct highback


  • Stiffer flex not ideal for beginners
  • Higher price point

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