A leader in the SUP and surf industry, and one of our personal favorite brands, Naish is back with another amazing collection of boards for summer 2016. Whether your preference is surfing, cruising flatwater, racing or long distance paddling, we guarantee we’ve got a Naish board that is perfect for you. With a classic look, high quality and durable construction and name that’s synonymous with the Hawaiian waterman, you simply cannot go wrong with a Naish board. Here is our Naish SUP Boards review for the summer 2016 season.

Alana SUP Board

Naish Alana at Windward Boardshop

Ladies, the crew over at Naish has come up with something special that’s just for you, the Naish Alana SUP Board. Inspired by their outrageously popular Nalu collection of boards, but styled just for the girls, the Naish Alana is the true women’s do-it-all paddleboard. Available in both a traditional rigid board and an inflatable, there is an option for every type of paddler. The 10’10 GS offers a unique multi-concave channel bottom that directs the water into the channels under the board for an insanely smooth ride and stable overall feel. The Alana Air 10’6 has a great all-around shape that is perfect for small surf or flat water cruising, while the 11’6 Air has more of a touring shape for those looking for a little extra speed and precision. The bright colors stand out and the 3/4 deck pad is super comfortable and offers a ton of grip. The built in handle on the GS is contoured for easy carrying. The inflatables also have built in handles and a high quality bag to easily transport your board. For the stand-out style type of lady looking for a fantastic do-it-all paddleboard, the Naish Alana is the only way to go!


  • Quality, all around board styled just for the girls
  • Totally competent on flat water or small waves
  • Also available in an inflatable option for easy travel


  • Less “family friendly” since it’s a more feminine design
  • Super white deck pads will show dirt more than colored pads
  • Not ideal for riders over 200 lbs

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Odysseus SUP Board

Naish Odysseus at Windward Boardshop

Brand new to the line last year, and still a favorite of our’s, is the Naish Odysseus SUP Board. This short and sweet little ripper is perfect for all around cruising and learning the basics of wave riding. The shorter length mixed with a wider body make the Odysseus super easy paddle and highly stable. That makes it awesome for beginners and experienced riders looking to start playing in the surf. If durability is a big concern, opt for the Odysseus Soft Top. The EVA foam top sheet and reinforced rails can handle the wear and tear that is common at lake houses or for those that want the Odysseus be a family board that everyone can enjoy. The traditional Odysseus (non-soft top) has a molded EPS closed-cell core that is highly resistant to damage and potential leaks while still maintaining that more classic board look and feel. Both boards offer a quad-concave bottom that channels the water from the nose to the tail for added stability and ease of balance. The icing on the cake is the 34″ width. Literally anyone can step onto this board and start paddling. If you are searching for a stable, fun board but are turned off by massive 11′-12′ boards, then the small yet mighty Naish Odysseus might just be the perfect board for you.


  • Shorter length is great for storage and transportation
  • Versatile shape that can also surf
  • Available in 2 durable constructions with high weight capacities


  • Not ideal for touring or racing
  • Wider body can make it difficult for shorter riders to reach the paddle around the rails

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Shop the Odysseus 9’8

Mana SUP Board

Naish Mana GTW at Windward Boardshop

The entire Mana SUP Board collection from Naish is specifically designed for wide-style wave riding and cruising. These big-boy boards offer a TON of stability which also makes them perfect for beginners that want a sturdy all-around paddleboard. With an increased tail rocker and V bottom shape, the Mana can carve with precision while still offering a ton of stability for those just starting out. For those that want the best of the best, opt for the GTW construction (pictured). This wood sandwich construction adds rigidity while removing unnecessary weight. Bonus – it looks REALLY good. If this board is going to live at the beach house and will be exposed to more careless wear and tear, opt for the soft top version. The soft top is highly durable and you still get all the benefits of the shape and core construction. For any paddler looking to do more surfing but that desires a more stable board the Naish Mana is a fantastic option.


  • Beginner-friendly surf sup board
  • Wider body makes balancing easy
  • Tail rocker and V bottom carves easily in waves


  • Not intended for touring or racing
  • Not ideal for riders over 250 lbs

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Nalu SUP Board

Naish Nalu GTW at Windward Boardshop

Hands-down the most popular board that Naish produces each year is the one and only Nalu SUP Board. Available in a slew of sizes, each with it’s own benefits and key features, so there is a perfect Nalu out there for every type of paddler. Deemed the “one board solution” for many SUP enthusiasts, the Nalu really can do it all. From surfing to cruising to flat water distance paddles, the Nalu is an absolute pleasure to paddle.

Here is how the sizes break down. The 10’6 x 30″ is perfect for surf and everyday cruising around. The slightly more narrow profile is ideal for experienced paddlers looking for some serious versatility. Riders choosing the 10’6 should also keep in mind it’s best for paddlers under 200 lbs.

The 10’10 x 32″ has a unique multi-concave bottom shape that channels the water from the nose to the tail for the ultimate in smooth gliding and stability. The extra width on the 10’10 also makes this size perfect for beginners.

The 11’0 x 31″ is their classic longboard style surfer. With a more tapered nose and tail and slightly more narrow width, the 11’0 is perfect for cruising on smaller waves and is both responsive and highly maneuverable. They also added a double-concave deck in the stance area for added stability and comfort.

Next up, the 11’4 x 30″ features an all-around design for longboard style wave-riding and flatwater cruising versatility. The 11’4 can float paddlers upwards of 220 lbs and is a board that beginners can grow with and experienced paddlers will enjoy alike.

Finally, the big boy, the 11’6 x 29 3/4″. This size can handle paddlers up to 230 lbs and is equipped to do it all. From surfing to flatwater cruising to longer distance paddles, the 11’6 is guaranteed to get the job done. The near 6″ thickness helps add stability and makes up for the slightly more narrow profile so even a beginner can get onto the 11’6 and paddle with little to no prior experience.

The quiver-killer, the only board you need, is the Naish Nalu.


  • A size and shape for every type of paddler
  • Lightweight construction keeps each size at a reasonable weight
  • All around design that can paddle in any conditions


  • We have yet to find one – let us know if you do!

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Glide SUP Board

Naish Glide at Windward Boardshop

The top touring board in the Naish lineup is by far the Glide SUP Board. Now available in different widths, the Glide is ideal for long distance paddles, race training and even recreational racing. With a powerful displacement hull and recessed deck area, the Glide is stable, fast and offers the smoothest Glide around. After all, where do you think the name came from? With a newly developed rocker and bottom shape, the Glide can easily transition from flat water to open ocean or lake conditions without losing any of the stability that the board is known for.

For the casual paddler looking for a great touring / fitness / race trainer, check out the 11’6 or 12’0. For the paddler looking to get into recreational racing but still wants a stable board that can perform well in everyday conditions, the X30 12’6 is a killer option. It’s got a pronounced nose and sleek design that is fast through the water without being too narrow and hard to balance on during everyday casual paddling. The GTW construction offers premium rigidity with minimal weight and the contoured handle makes carrying a breeze. For that more athletic paddler who wants premium performance in a user-friendly shape, the Naish Glide is guaranteed to be the perfect board for you.


  • Race-ready performance on a sturdy platform
  • Several sizes to choose from for more touring or race style performance
  • New recessed deck area adds stability


  • Ideal for recreational racing but may not be perfect for elite class races
  • Wider rails can catch the wind on really rough days making it tougher to turn and maneuver the board

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One Inflatable SUP Board

Naish One at Windward Boardshop

The name says it all. The Naish One SUP Board is one of the best inflatable stand up paddleboards that we stock at Windward. Perfect for all around cruising, touring and even capable of turning heads in the race scene. If you are an experienced paddler that wants the performance of a race-style board in the portability of an inflatable, then this is your board. Designed specifically for the Naish N1SCO racing series, the One has a sleek 30″ width design and defined displacement hull for a strong, smooth glide thru the water. Deck storage at the nose gives you somewhere to stash your dry bag on longer treks and the numbered triangles on the deck pad help you reference your proper stance position. Each One board comes with the board, pump, fin and travel bag so you are ready to hit the water as soon as you open the box. If you didn’t know that you can get race-quality shape out of an inflatable, then it’s time for you to give the Naish One a try.


  • Sleek, fast design
  • Perfect for recreational racing or race training
  • Easily portable inflatable construction


  • For the serious racer, inflatables may not be desirable
  • Could be too narrow for beginners

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Javelin SUP Board

Naish Javelin at Windward Boardshop

Saving the best for last, it’s time to talk about the lean, mean, Naish Javelin SUP Board. This fast, narrow racing machine is responsible for countless race wins across the world SUP race circut. If you are ready to really get yourself involved in the race scene,  the Javelin may be the board you are looking for. Newly re-designed for 2016, they now feature a carbon construction, making the Javelin more rigid and lightweight than ever. The board has been engineered with a recessed stance area which adds stability to the board without having to add more width. The center double-concave bottom directs the water from the nose to the tail for maximum directional stability while the increased tail volume adds control and power to buoy turns for quicker recovery while in the heat of competition. Finally, the advanced dihedral nose splits the water and directs it out instead of up onto the paddlers feet for maximum speed and zero drag. Available in both 26″ and 28″ width and 12’6 or 14′ length. Professional grade race construction that some of the biggest names in SUP racing trust as their own board. After all, if it’s good enough for guys like Kai Lenny, then it’s just plain good enough.


  • Professional grade shape and construction
  • Carbon fiber construction is lightweight and extremely rigid
  • Available in 2 different widths


  • Not intended for beginners
  • Not intended for casual cruising or surfing
  • Will be highly unstable for inexperienced paddlers

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This about wraps up our 2016 Naish SUP review. For more detailed information, you can visit the Naish SUP site or contact us and we can help you out.

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