Summer season also means music fest season here in Chicago and around the country. Whether you are making the trip to the Chi for Lollapalooza or venturing off somewhere else for one of the many other huge music festivals out there, you will need this checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need for a successful weekend. A couple key items can make your day(s) much better so all you need to worry about is partying. Your friends at Windward want you to enjoy your weekend to the fullest so here is a little checklist we made so you can be better prepared for the madness to come.

Sun Block

Sun Bum Sunblock at Windward Boardshop

Sun Bum Sunscreen

In a best case scenario, your music festival weekend will have a forecast of 85 and sunny – the entire weekend. If that happens and you are not smart about it, you will be coming home with the worlds worst sunglass tan – ever. Not to mention the awesome lines from that sweet tank top you were wearing. So besides being on a 3-day hangover, you will also be sticking to your leather couch thanks to that sweet sunburn. Let our friends at Sun Bum help you stay golden brown instead of rosy red. (** Tip – some festivals ban aerosol items so opt for the lotion instead of the spray!)

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We’re not snobs about sitting directly on the grass or anything but really, who knows what could get stuck to that cute dress of yours. Imagine walking around all day with a massive and questionable stain on your backside. Avoid that situation by bringing along a small blanket that rolls up easily so you and the crew can hang comfortably in between sets or cozy up if you need to take 5 on day 3.

RVCA Diamond Traveler Blanket at Windward Boardshop

RVCA Diamond Traveler Blanket

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Billabong It's Sweet End Blanket at Windward Boardshop

Billabong It’s Sweet End Blanket

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The Right Bag

Both guys and girls need a place to carry all of these important music fest items. Finding the right bag for this type of event can be tough, but we’ve got a couple good ones to suggest.

Burton Day Hiker Backpack at Windward Boardshop

Burton Day Hiker Backpack

This bag is equipped with a bunch of compartments, pockets and straps so you can hide away, store and hang whatever you need into or onto this bag. The big bonus? It’s water resistant. NOT water proof – don’t throw it in the lake and be surprised when your stuff gets wet. But it is water resistant which means if it rains, your gear is pretty darn safe.

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RVCA Scout Denim Backpack at Windward Boardshop

RVCA Scout Denim Backpack

Girls – we love this backpack. Super simple, perfectly sized and lightweight. Just enough room for a couple key items and lightly padded straps for your comfort. Not water resistant, FYI, but will do the trick for the dry days.

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Volcom Skippin Town Belt Purse at Windward Boardshop

Volcom Skippin Town Belt Purse

Girls-  if we are trying to go super low key with our bags – the Volcom Skippin Town Belt Purse is perfect! Two words – hands free!

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The Burton Kit

Burton The Kit at Windward Boardshop
Not really a bag but a nice thing to have for, um, the important stuff.

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Water Proof Case

Ocean and Earth Water Wallet
This ones pretty easy. I mean, sure you can just use a plastic zip lock baggie but if you want to take your phone dryness seriously, we recommend the Ocean and Earth Water Wallet. This bag has a 3 way seal and a string to wear around your neck or secure inside a bag. When that torrential downpour hits and you want to dance in the rain, make sure your cash and phone are going to stay dry.

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A Good Hat

Forehead sunburns are the worst. They fade right into your sunglass tan lines and the whole thing just looks ridiculous. Avoid that with a good hat. Bucket hats are the jam right now and we’ve got a couple in mind that could help your party weekend go better. Or maybe you are a 5-panel guy? Ladies, we’ve got you covered too!

Matix Mediums Bucket Hat at Windward Boardshop

Matix Mediums Bucket Hat

Keep the shade out and your look classy with this hat from Matix.

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Nixon Lowtide Hat at Windward Boardshop

Nixon Lowtide Hat

More pannels on your hat means more fun all day and night.

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Billabong Midday Slowin Hat at Windward Boardshop

Billabong Midday Slowin Hat

The perfect head topper for a day out in the sun.

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This about wraps up our list friends. Enjoy the show, party safely, and if you are coming to Chicago for Lolla, come visit us!



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