Lets face it, when we skate our boards take a beating. All the while our bearings are getting gunked up with dirt and grime, forcing you to have to kick harder to go a shorter distance.  So instead of riding on slow moving, fudged up, dirty bearings I’m going to teach you how to clean your bearings.

how to clean your bearing removal

step 1

First things first, pop those babies out of your wheels. To do this Just simply place the wheel on the skateboard truck’s axle, but just barely. You want to hook the tip of the axle inside the bearings, for extra leverage.  Slowly and gently, pry the wheel at a downward angle. It may take some wiggling to get it loose, don’t give up.

how to clean your bearing pop shield

step 2

ext remove the plastic shield from the bearing. Also at this time, remove the plastic bearing spacer. Both the shield and spacer can be removed with a razor blade or small pin.

how to clean your bearings bearing back shield

step 3

Wash your bearings in Mineral Spirits (a.k.a Paint thinner), if you can’t find that use some rubbing alcohol. For the wash, you want to soak your bearings in the Mineral Spirits. Gently swish the solution around to get some movement inside the bowl that you are using to soak the skateboard bearings. After a few minuets remove the bearings. Dry your skateboard bearings quickly. A can of compressed air can help the process a lot, if not a fan works too.

how to clean your bearings bearing oil

step 4

Now take some bearing lube, or bearing speed cream, and apply it all over your bearings. 

understanding-bearingsstep 5

Finally it’s time to get everything back together, First snap the plastic spacer, followed by the shields, and last just pop them back in your wheels. Look at that, a fresh clean set of bearings, all for you. Enjoy!

Check out our post on Understanding Bearings to learn more about how your bearings work.



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