Traveling the world has many benefits to a person’s health, career, and overall happiness. Here is our Burton luggage review including our favorite pieces to keep your gear organized and ready for any adventure you accept.

Take a watch or read the full video transcript below. In this video we take a look at the following pieces of luggage.


Luggage For Any Adventure

Traveling the world has many benefits to a person’s health, career, and overall happiness. Here are some of our favorite pieces of Burton luggage to keep your gear securely organized and ready for any adventure you accept. 

Tour Kit

For those grooming on the go, we have the Tour Kit by Burton. Constructed with durable 600 denier polyester, the Tour Kit is built to withstand any outdoor weather condition while maintaining a stylish appearance. At the base a zipper pouch, mesh pocket lining the middle, and elastic plastic and mesh pockets on the exterior and interior of the bag’s frame hold all things hygiene. Complete with hanging hook for easy accessibility and convenience. To close up simply zip up and you’re ready for your next destination.

Air 20 and Air 25

Our next piece is the Air 20 travel bag from Burton. This hard body polycabinate laminate case is sturdy in structure and light and weight. For smooth mobility its equipped with the soft skate style wheels. Open it up and one side’s zippered mesh lining keeps it’s contents separate and secure while the other holds a compression strap over a soft polyester fur interior and travel bag. With one push, it’s shovel style handle releases for easy steering from tarmac to tarmac. For longer stays, upgrade to it’s big brother the Air 25 travel bag.

Wheelie Flight Deck and Wheelie Double Deck

Last but not least we have the Wheelie Flight Deck from Burton. Inside both sides have a zippered mesh lining divide. Got a lot of outfits? No worries! The Wheelie Flight Deck welcomes extra cargo. With Burton’s “CRAM Stretch Panel” elastic lining, you can over stuff your bag and still get it to securely close. Got a lot of bags? The “Hideaway Snake Stack” attachment allows you to connect additional bags, big and small, effortlessly to the Flight Deck. For even more space, check out the even bigger Wheelie Double Deck.

Lifetime Warranty

And lastly, all Burton bags come with a lifetime warranty. So no matter where you go, or where you stay, Burton’s got you and your pack’s back.

Now get out there and travel more organized than ever before! Take a look at our current selection of travel bags for the full lineup.



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