UPDATE: Boosted boards have arrived and are now in-stock for sale!

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The following post was written on the boosted boards prototype. Some things have changed in the boosted boards production model that is now available.

Boosted Longboard Parts

A small company out of Palo Alto, CA, Boosted Boards is on the edge of possibly revolutionizing transportation as we know it. Cool kids unite and retire your segway for transportation with a little more edge, a Boosted Boards Longboard.

“Light enough to carry anywhere, fast enough to go everywhere. A revolutionary combination of portability and power,”
— Boosted Boards.

At just over 12lbs and the ability to reach 20mph, these guys are right about portability and power. Regenerative breaking allows the batter actually recharge as the break is used. The best part is that the electric motor and drivetrain is mounted on a Loaded Deck with Orangatang Wheels and Bear Trucks.

The limited first and second runs are set to launch in May and June 2013 but are already sold out on Kickstarter. The full production run is scheduled for July 2013 with a $1199 retail price on each one.

On September, 10, 2012, Boosted Boards joined Kickstarter and raised over $100k in less than 2 days. At the time of this post, they are over $200k with more than 20 days yet to go. The team over at Boosted Boards is definitely on to something with this one…

Check out this video and see what the folks over at Boosted have to say

Check out their kickstarter page and donate to fund the project here.