When it comes to learning how to snowboard, a huge part of your success comes from the board that you choose. The best beginner snowboard will be a board that is forgiving while you learn the basics, but also will allow you to progress. It will usually have a slightly softer flex and not be too “catchy” so you can easily learn how to carve and control the board. Whether it’s your very first day on the snow or you’ve been renting for a few seasons and are ready to take the plunge, these boards are guaranteed to get you riding and mastering those fundamentals in no time. Without further ado, here are our favorite beginner snowboards for winter 2017.

Mens Easy To Ride Snowboards

Burton Clash Snowboard

Burton Clash at Windward Boardshop

With the Burton Clash Snowboard, you get beginner-friendly rideability and tech that will carry your snowboarding skills to the next level. A very slight directional taper helps point the board in the right direction for you, which is one of the more important things when starting out. The Flat Top bend is more mellow than traditional camber, but not as loose as rocker which helps learn how to use your edges. The Extruded Base is easy to care for and super durable and the Cruise Control Edge Tune very slightly de-tunes the edges for a catch-free easy ride. Short of this board actually driving you to the mountain by itself, it’s going to give you all the tools that you need to succeed. The icing on the cake? The price tag. Coming in just under $400 you cannot beat the tech and performance of the Burton Clash.

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Never Summer Snowtrooper Snowboard

Neversummer Snowtrooper at Windward Boardshop

For the beginner who wants a high quality board that they will truly be able to grow with, we highly recommend the Never Summer Snowtrooper. Known as the “swiss army knife” of the Never Summer lineup, the Snowtrooper is highly versatile and a solid all-mountain board for riders of all skill levels. Featuring a mid-flexing version of Never Summer’s Original Rocker Camber profile, the Snowtrooper is softer than many of the other boards in the NS lineup. This makes it more forgiving and better for those that are still fine tuning their skills. Carbon VXR Laminate Technology adds some power and responsiveness, the Durasurf XT Sintered base is fast and highly durable and P-Tex tip and tail protection adds a ton of durability. Available in both regular and wide options, the bigger footed riders should opt for the Snowtrooper X. Sure, you’re just starting out but who wants to buy another board in a season or two? Nobody, that’s who. And if you start out on the Never Summer Snowtrooper, we promise you will not need an upgrade for many years to come.

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Burton Ripcord Snowboard

Burton Ripcord at Windward Boardshop

With features that beginners will love and intermediate riders can still appreciate, the Burton Ripcord Snowboard is an excellent option for the rider who is interested in a little freestyle / all mountain fun. The Ripcord has a directional flex for that easy “point and go” type of ride and the Flat Top bend makes your edge readily available but not too catchy. The fun is enhanced by a very slight 5mm taper that allows for a smooth tail exit and minimal drag while the Easy Bevel edge tune slightly softens the edges for a catch-free glide in all conditions. Ideal for any beginner or intermediate ripper that is ready to take their riding to the next level. The Burton Ripcord will make sure you get to where you need to go and have fun on the way there.

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Arbor Foundation Snowboard

Arbor Foundation at Windward Boardshop

You can’t build anything without a solid foundation and the same rule applies to your snowboarding skills. The Arbor Foundation Snowboard can definitely help to get you there. This beginner friendly ride gives you all the tools you need to push your riding to the next level. It is a medium-flex board that has a twin shape for added versatility. Plus, it features Arbor’s System Rocker profile making the ride super forgiving yet still able to hold an edge well. The Spoonhead Tips reduce the risks involved with a super catchy edge and help for better float in deeper snow conditions. In the glass, the Biax adds just enough pop for a responsive ride while the extruded base holds wax well and is highly durable. Intermediate riders should not skim over this board. It is beginner friendly, but the more experienced rippers will love the laid back ride that you get from the Arbor Foundation.

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Burton Descendant Snowboard

Burton Descendant at Windward Boardshop

With a shape that reminds us of the boards we grew up riding, the Burton Descendant Snowboard is an awesome brand new easy to ride snowboard that was a no-brainer for this list. This price conscious, user friendly, progression pushing snowboard is perfect for any beginner to intermediate rider that wants super responsive and super durable all-mountain crushing snowboard. With a true twin shape and PurePop Camber flex, the Descendant is just like the board that many of us learned to snowboard on years ago. The true twin shape allows newbies to get comfortable riding switch, the traditional (yet softer) camber flex is responsive and poppy for a lively feel and the Extruded base is durable and very easy to care for. The FSC Certified Super Fly core is strong and lightweight and the Biax fiberglass adds a little more pep in your step making this board perfect for riders who want to dabble in some terrain park fun. All the tech you need to get the job done with a price tag that leaves extra cash for lunch? Yes, please. Beginners cannot go wrong with the Burton Descendant.

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Capita Horrorscope Snowboard

Capita Horrorscope at Windward Boardshop

For the beginner who knows their future will be in the terrain park, the only board that you need is the Capita Horrorscope Snowboard. Notoriously known as one of the best jib / urban shred boards in the industry, the Horrorscope also has many features that a park newbie will be able to appreciate.  With an insanely soft flex and super-skatey flat-to-reverse camber profile, you get a forgiving ride as well as the ability to lock on to rails when that time comes. The Biax fiberglass adds the perfect amount of pop so you have some power under your feet when you are ready to start jumping. In the mean time, it will offer a lively, fun ride for snappy carves. The new RFC Sustainable Select Core is lightweight and flexible, the HMC extruded base is fast / super durable and the Bitter End deflection tuning de-tunes your edges for a catch-free ride at all times. If you know your goal is to fine tune your park skills, start yourself off on one of the most popular jib boards ever, the one and only Capita Horrorscope Snowboard.

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Burton Process Flying V Snowboard

Burton Process Flying V at Windward Boardshop

Modeled after the long-running Burton Custom but tweaked to be a little softer and more playful, the Process Flying V Snowboard is an excellent option for the beginner who wants higher end construction and a board that they can grow with for seasons to come. Loaded with some of Burton’s top tech but made to be totally rideable regardless of your skill level, the Process is a versatile board that most will enjoy. The twin shape and flex allows for easy switch riding while the Flying V profile offers the most versatile bend with perfect balance between flex and response. Keeping it together, the Triax fiberglass loads this board up with pop for fun in the park and the sintered base gives a quick and smooth feeling while you’re doing it. All mountain capabilities, a freestyle-friendly shape and a flex that any skill level rider can enjoy. The Process Flying V is always a great choice.

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Women’s Easy To Ride Snowboards

Burton Feather Snowboard

Burton Women's Feather at Windward BoardshopLadies, welcome to the land of snowboard progression, your host is the Burton Feather Snowboard. Like we mentioned earlier, the sure sign of a good snowboard is one that is both easy to use while offering enough tech that you don’t “grow out of it” in one season. Our favorite for the women riders out there is the Feather. With a very slight directional taper, the Feather is able to direct the board so all you need to do is point it and go. The Flat Top bend makes getting up on your edges super easy without being too catchy, the FSC Certified Superfly Core is lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly, while the Biax Fiberglass adds just the right amount of snap and pop for a lively ride. Just soft enough for a beginner to appreciate but versatile enough to cater to intermediate riders, the Burton Feather is once again a board that no beginner should pass up!

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Roxy Sugar Banana Snowboard

Roxy Women's Sugar Banana at Windward Boardshop

Sweeten up your snowboarding skills this winter with help from the Roxy Sugar Banana Snowboard. This beginner-friendly ride is soft and super forgiving, making it perfect for the ladies that are still perfecting their basics and want a solid board that they can grow with. With a classic banana shape, the nose and tail are slightly turned up for catch-free, super easy ride that anyone can enjoy. It’s softer flex means that even lighter weight riders will have an easy time controlling and maneuvering this board. The true twin shape allows you to figure out if you prefer a goofy or regular stance or to fine tune your switch riding skills. The extruded base is super easy to care for and highly durable and the Biax fiberglass adds just enough response to make this board extra fun to ride. If you are looking for an easy going, effortless ride to help you really nail your fundamental riding skills + give you the confidence to try new things, then the Roxy Sugar Banana is just the board for you.

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Arbor Poparazzi Snowboard

Arbor Women's Poparazzi at Windward Boardshop

Even if you don’t know what you are doing yet, you can still turn heads on the mountain this winter with help from the Arbor Poparazzi Snowboard. This all-mountain board is perfect for beginner riders that want a board that can help them conquer the entire mountain. The soft and forgiving Rocker System makes directing and controlling the board super easy, the Grip Tech adds additional edge contact points for better grip on icy days, Reclaimed Bamboo Inlays in the top sheet add some environmental style and the Biax Glassing adds just enough pop and power to making carving or learning to jump super fun. The Extruded Base is super durable and easy to care for and the 360 degree rail wrap provides a barrier for the inevitable lift-line run-ins. Steal the spotlight this winter when you choose the Arbor Poparazzi.

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Capita Space Metal Fantasy Snowboard

Capita Women's Space Metal Fantasy at Windward Boardshop

For the girl who is just starting out that has interest in getting into park riding, the Capita Space Metal Fantasy Snowboard is an excellent option. With a flat camber through the middle and reverse camber at the tip and tail, the SMF makes it easy to get up on to your edge when you are ready. The reverse camber at the tip and tail removes any catchy-ness, making learning to glide and turn super easy. The RFC sustainable core is lightweight, poppy and way better for the environment so you can also feel good about that :). Form 6 fiberglass adds just enough responsiveness to the board which will be awesome when you are ready to start jumping and the HMC extruded base is super durable and very easy to care for so you can learn to do your own base waxes and other board maintenance. Finally, the true twin shape allows you to figure out your preferred riding direction and also fine tune your switch-riding skills when you are ready to do so. If you want a board that will help you lock down your basics and then be ready to dive into the terrain park, the Capita Space Metal Fantasy is your number one pick.

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We hope this article has given all the beginners a great place to start for searching for the right easy to ride snowboard. We promise that investing in your own gear will be the best decision you ever made. Learning to snowboard on rental gear can be difficult and it becomes more difficult to tackle new conditions when you are constantly riding different gear. When you’ve got your own setup that feels the same every time you ride. Before you know it you will be keeping up with the OG’s in your group and will be ready to push yourself to try new things. Good luck with your purchase and we hope to see you on the mountain!

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