UPDATE: Looking for the latest SUP Yoga Board review?
Checkout out our new post on the Best 2016 SUP Yoga Boards.

Best 2016 SUP Yoga Boards

As the sport of SUP yoga continues to grow, many brands are producing amazing SUP yoga boards. Some boards are made specifically for yoga while others are made to paddle but have all the characteristics of a great SUP yoga board. When looking for a board for yoga you want to look at a few key things:

  • width of the board,
  • overall volume (for stability)
  • quality of the deck pad

All the boards that made our list have they key ingredients that you will need to successfully hold those poses out on the water. No matter your size or skill level, we’ve got a perfect SUP yoga board for you.

Riviera Yoga Mat Stand Up Paddle Board 2014, Sage, 9'6

Riviera Yoga Mat

Riviera’s most SUP-specific board is quite clearly the Riviera Yoga Mat. With a design that is a yoga board first and a paddle board second, the Yoga Mat is a favorite of water yogi’s everywhere. The Yoga Mat has a squared nose and tail and super flat deck combined with a wide profile that makes a perfect platform for yoga poses and stretches. Don’t worry, this board still paddles quite smoothly despite the square shape with an elongated rail design. Equipped with 4 anchor points for either gear tie downs or anchors, very comfortable full deck pad and very lightweight construction so she’s very easy to carry. Available in either 9’6″ or 10’0″, both with a 32″ width.

Shop the 9’6″ – $1099

Shop the 10’0″ – $1099

Riviera Select Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board 2014, Blue, 11'6

Riviera Select Soft Top

Riviera’s other model that is great for SUP yoga is the Riviera Select Soft Top. This lightweight and super durable soft top has a full deck pad that is extra comfortable and also has great grip. The Riviera Select Soft Top is said to be one of the highest performance soft tops on the market thanks to Riv’s carbon/kevlar rail construction. The outside may be a soft top but the inside has a bamboo sandwich construction and kevlar rails with a carbon fiber wrap. Available in 10’6″ with a 32″ width and 11’6″ with a 33″ width, this board is perfect for the yoga enthusiast who is also going to have other family members or friends using the board. Sturdy, durable and easy to paddle, the Riviera Select Soft Top may just be the right board for you!

Shop the 10’6″ – $950

Shop the 11’6″ – $950

Naish Nalu GT Stand Up Paddle Board 2014, Wood-Yellow-Black, 10'10

Naish Nalu 10’10

The big-bodied Naish Nalu 10’10 is the sturdiest of the Nalu collection. This board is great for SUP yoga considering its wider profile and thicker rails make for great stability. The Nalu 10’10” also has a specially formulated multi-concave bottom that channels the water from nose to tail making for one super smooth ride. The almost 5″ thickness can make even a beginner feel stable and the 32″ width gives you a nice size platform for stretches. Available in 2 different constructions: GS, which offers a wood platform under the deck pad for added stability. GT, which is a full wood sandwich construction making the board even more rigid and very lightweight.

Shop the Nalu 10’10” GS – $1999

Shop the Nalu 10’10” GT – $1999

Naish Mana Air Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 2014, Yellow-Black-White, 11'6

Naish Mana Air

We love recommending inflatable SUP boards for yoga enthusiasts and one of our favorites is the Naish Mana Air. The Mana collection is their wider offering of inflatables and this model is available in either 10’0″ or 11’6″. With a 33″ width and 6″ thickness, this board is extremely stable and very rigid making it perfect for yoga and paddling in general. The other major benefit of this board is the ease of transport since it rolls up into a big backpack that you can toss in the trunk of your car or take with you on your next vacation. Every inflatable comes with the board, pump, repair kit and bag. Plus, the Mana Air comes with tie downs at the nose so you can secure your paddle or life vest during your yoga class.

Shop the Mana Air 10’0″ – $1359

Shop the Mana Air 11’6″ – $1459

Naish Mana Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board 2014, White-Yellow-Black, 11'0

Naish Mana Soft Top

Another great SUP yoga board from Naish is the Mana Soft Top. Just like the inflatable version, the Mana Soft Top is 33″ wide, almost 6 inches thick and 11’0″ which is a great size for just about anyone. The benefit of a soft top is the highly comfortable full EVA deck pad, laying down for stretching or poses is much more comfortable on a soft top and therefore perfect for SUP yoga. The Mana Soft Top also has a high density EVA rail and hard bottom construction which adds to the durability of this board. Beginners can knock the board around without having to worry about dings and dents. If you are new to SUP yoga or new to paddling in general and looking for a durable, comfortable board, the Naish Mana Soft Top may be a great option.

Shop the Mana Soft 11’0″ – $1349

This wraps up our list of our favorite SUP yoga boards. Remember, you can try yoga on just about any board at all, but with the right board you can really push yourself and improve. Now, it’s time for me to get back to my salamba sirsasana. Someday I will nail this on the water!

UPDATE: Looking for the latest SUP Yoga Board review?
Checkout out our new post on the Best 2016 SUP Yoga Boards.

Best 2016 SUP Yoga Boards



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