We are fully engulfed in the throws of summer and hopefully most of you have already (or will soon be) hitting the beach. Whether you live close and are doing a day trip or are heading out for a full on beach vacation, we have exactly what you need to be prepared for all the sun and sand in your future.

Sun Bum Sunblock

Sun Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion
Duh, the first item on our list is obviously going to be Sun Bum Sunblock. Taking care of your skin is muy importante and nobody does it better than Sun Bum. Available in a wide range of protection from 15-70spf, this sunblock is as good for you as it can be (while still being effective in the water). Broad spectrum, no parabens, oil free, hypoallergenic, won’t clog pores and best of all, no animal testing. Water resistant up to 80 minutes which is a pretty solid amount of time. They also offer a fun line of after-sun goodies like cool down lotions and gels.

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Sun Bum Beach Games

Not only does Sun Bum have a killer sunblock line, they also offer a full selection of beach games! From soft, water resistant footballs to frisbees and paddle ball, they have everything you need to make your day at the beach a success! Laying around can get boring, get up and get moving with the help of one of these fun beach toys.

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Beach Towels / Blankets

What, were you going to lay directly on the sand? We didn’t think so. Make a statement and keep your skin safe from the scruff of the sand with one of these fab beach towels. Looking for something a little bigger? Roll out the full on beach blanket and have room for all your friends.

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Ocean and Earth Water Wallet

Ocean and Earth Waterproof Wallet
We live in the age of cell phones and no matter how many times we learn the lesson of not bringing our phones to the water, we still do it. Now there’s a way to bring your phone and not blow it by getting it soaked. The Ocean and Earth Water Wallet has a tri fold with velcro and a zip lock system to keep your phone or cash or credit cards nice and dry. A little tip for you iPhone users – you can swipe through the plastic so no need to take it out of the wallet to check those messages!

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Cooler Bags

Burton Lil Buddy Cooler, Bombaclot
Dehydration is a bad thing. We recommend staying hydrated by bringing along one of these super awesome cooler bags. The Burton Lil Buddy is a must have for every beach adventure thanks to the built in speakers and skate straps on the bottom. Yes, you can strap it to your skateboard! The Lil Buddy also comes with a classy bottle opener and can fit a 12 pack with ease.

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If you are looking for something a little more simple, check out the Volcom Monday Cooler. No matter what day of the week it is, it’s about to get better. Clean look, snap from, small front pocket for other necessities and room for a 12’er of your favorite beverage.

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And now, just add water! Hopefully this little checklist helped you get prepared for your upcoming beach adventure. In need of some new beach outfits? Here are some links to where you can find mens and women’s swimwear. Now get out there and enjoy yourself!

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