Planning a vacation soon? Just getting ready for this summer in the city? Either way, it is officially time to start shopping for some new 2014 men’s boardshorts. Let’s be honest, your pair from last year has seen better days and it’s simply time to treat yourself to some new trunks. Much like last year, we are seeing a lot of guys buy into the “two-in-one” hybrid board shorts. These hybrids look more like regular shorts but are made out of boardshort material so they can be worn in and out of the water. This makes them way more versatile and perfect for hot, sticky summer weather. In this little sneak peak we will showcase some of our earliest arrivals so you can get your shopping done before July hits and all the good stuff is gone. 

Quicksilver Massive Boardshorts

Quiksilver Massive Boardshorts

Channel your inner 70’s beach bum with help from the Quiksilver Massive Boardshorts. These classic-inspired trunks are not only highly tropical but also highly stylish thanks to the their 19″ outseam. You can also feel good about yourself because they are made from 100% recycled polyester, so even if you party your face off in these shorts, at least you still did something good for the environment. Standard tie at the waist and one back pocket for your valuables. 


Quiksilver Dane Boardshorts

If they are good enough for Dane Reynolds, chances are they are good enough for you. The Quiksilver Dane Boardshort is a super techy and super stylish 19″ short with 4-way stretch so they are perfect for surfing or any other water activity you might be into. Add a little style with the scalloped hem and color blocking and you’ve got yourself one sweet pair of boardshorts. Triple tie closure at the waist and one pocket around back. 


Hurley Phantom Aloha Boardshorts

You don’t have to be a boardshort connoisseur to have heard about the Hurley Phantom. For the 6th year in a row, the Hurley Phantom took home the SIMA Boardshort Of The Year Award (hint). This award winner went straight Hawaiian on us and we are not complaining about that. Some of the awesome features include a recycled Phantom 4-way stretch, drawstring cinch waist and one back pocket. See what it feels like to wear an award winning boardshort, treat yourself this summer! 


Neff Beachy Board Shorts

Life is a Beachy party when the crew at Neff starts making boardshorts (hot tub shorts as Neff calls them). If you are in a hot tub, or at the beach, life can’t really be bad so start your summer off right with these polyester gems. No fancy tech just good old fashioned stretch waist swim trunks. Round up the ladies and fire up the jets on the hot tub, it’s party time. 


Quiksilver Downpour Hybrid Boardshorts

For the logical man looking for one pair of shorts that can run errands and jump in the pool without a trip to the changing room, the Quiksilver Downpour Hybrid Boardshorts are what you need for this summer. Styled like your favorite pair of shorts but made out of boardshort material, this is literally the only pair of shorts you need for this summer. Hot day on the golf course? Check. Day at the beach? Check. BBQ turned crazy pool party? You’re the only one prepared. 100% recycled polyester, 2 way stretch. Your welcome. 


Hurley Phantom Boardwalk Hybrid Boardshorts

The Hurley Phantom Boardwalk Hybrid Boardshorts are hands down our best selling hybrid short to date. These clean cut 4-way stretch shorts can get you thru a hot summer day thanks to their super lightweight feel and will dry almost immediately after you get out of the water. The ‘boaters dream’ as we call them, these shorts are ready for literally any summer activity you can think of. For one pair of shorts that will get the job done this summer, look no further. 

This wraps up our quick sneak peak New boardshorts are arriving almost on the daily at this point so be sure to check our current stock of boardshorts. See you all at the beach!



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